Judith Huth Photos In 2022: Where Is Bill Cosby Accuser Today?

Comedian Bill Cosby found guilty for the case filed by Judith Huth
Comedian Bill Cosby found guilty for the case filed by Judith Huth

Born in 1959, Judith Huth accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault in 2014. Huth testified this month that Cosby, who was filming a movie in California, sexually molested her showing her and her companion Donna Samuelson around the Playboy Mansion and game room in 1975.

The assault was proven true after 47 years. Today, a jury in California declared Bill Cosby guilty of sexually abusing Judy Huth when she was a teenager.

Where Is The Accuser Bill Cosby Today?

The 84-year-old American stand-up comedian, and actor Bill Cosby "William Henry Cosby Jr." began his career in the 1960s. Cosby started his profession by working at the hungry I nightclub in San Francisco, eventually proving himself to be a notable comedian.

Married to Camille Cosby, Bill has a hefty net worth of 400 million USD and is known to contribute significantly to the creation of a positive portrayal of Blacks on television.

However, all of his foundation crumbled and his sterling reputation is now tarnished as Cosby is found guilty of conducting a sexual assault on Judith Huth, back in 1975.

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Judith Huth Husband In 2022

Judith Huth was born in California and is 63 years old. At this moment, there is very limited information about her private life and she has not revealed about her husband or family.

Huth is all over the news for winning a much-deserved case and finding justice. Nevertheless, it was not only Judy who had accused Cosby of sexual misconduct.

Judith Huth
Judith Huth( Source : marca )

The comedian had previously served three years in jail released only in June 2021. He had previously faced a separate civil lawsuit filed against him in New Jersey brought by Lili Bernard.

Lily is a former member of The Cosby Show and she stated that in 1990, Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her in Atlantic City. Huth claimed that these cases represent a vindication for her and other victims of abuse who have come forward.

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Judith Huth Net Worth - What Happened Between Her And Bill Cosby?

While the previous net worth of Judith Huth is not revealed, the woman was awarded $500,000 for winning the lawsuit she filed against Bill Cosby.

In 1975, Bill Cosby had invited Judith to the Playboy Mansion where he sexually assaulted her as the 16-year-old Huth accepted his invitation and arrived at the mansion.

In 2014, she filed a case against Cosby stating that in 1975, the celebrity raped her in a bedroom of the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles. However, Cosby continued to deny the charges brought against him.

In May 2022, Cosby was brought once again to the court to contest Judy Huth's civil action, and he refuted the allegations again. The good thing happened on June 21, 2022, when a jury in a civil court found Bill Cosby guilty of the rape charge and Huth won the case.

The jury found that despite Cosby's denials to the contrary, he reasonably had knowledge about Huth being underage at that time.

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