Is Peter Theriault Murderer Judy Valot Still In Jail? Pictures In 2022

Peter Theriault and Judy Valon met at a Ford maintentance. ( Source : Latimes )

Peter Theriault went missing on December 2, 1998. Police expected to find him quickly, however, his case only became more complicated.

Judy Valot, his girlfriend, was charged and convicted of his murder in 2000. Where is she now in 2022? Here's the latest on the case.

Is Judy Valot Still In Jail?

Judy Valot was convicted of second-degree murder in January 2000. The court had suspected that she had disposed of Peter's body in the California desert. However, the dead body was never found, and neither was the murder weapon.

Valot had killed Peter thinking that he had cheated on her. However, there was no evidence that he was in an affair, cheating on her.

She had appealed her conviction and was granted a new trial. In 2005, she was proved guilty of second-degree murder and was sentenced to fifteen years in prison. She is being held at the Chino, California-based California Institution for Women.

After eight years in prison, Valot was denied parole, but she maintains her innocence and refuses to reveal the location of Peter's body.

Peter Theriault Murderer: Who Is Judy Valot?

Judy Valot was the girlfriend of Peter Theriault, an army veteran who went missing on December 2, 1998.

Around the time of the murder, the couple had resided in Irving, California. Peter worked as a maintenance worker at a Ford warehouse. Two had met each other when Valot had arrived for maintenance at Peter's workplace.

In 2000, Theriault planned to retire, and he had his sights set on a five-acre hilltop parcel near his two sisters and mother in Kelso, Washington.

The couple reportedly got into argument over Valot's daughter from her past relationship. Subsequently, jealousy also ruined their relationship. Judy had suspected that Peter was cheating on her with his 19-year-old co-worker.

The investigators still believe that Valot has buried Theriault in the Mojave Desert between Irvine and Orange County and Blythe in Riverside County. His vehicle contained blood splatters, which were matched to his DNA. Another thing to suspect Valot was the discovery of Peter's ammunition at her home.

The story of Valot and Theriault has been covered in The Perfect Murder, which was premiered on The Investigation Discovery. The episode was titled ‘The Green-Eyed Monster'.

Judy Valot Pictures Released In 2022

Judy Valot was incarcerated at the California Institution for Women in Chino, California. Her photographs have been shared on various social media platforms like Reddit.

Convictions like Valot's are very uncommon as it lacks a significant amount of pieces of evidence. She has insisted on her innocence and pleaded not guilty when she was brought before the court.