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Juliet Sear Age Wikipedia, Married, Children Daughter Family Facts Details
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Juliet Sear Age Wikipedia, Married, Children Daughter Family Details – How Old/Tall Is Juliet Sear Now? Juliet Beutiful Bakes and Her Cooking Career Fact.

Juliet Sear, an Australian baking expert is known for her great designs of tasty cakes. Additionally, she is a lot more than just a baking expert. Juliet is a cook, food stylist, the best selling author as well as a TV Presenter. She is the presenter for ITV’s “The Morning Show” in England.

Aside from that Juliet has her own cake boutique named “Fancy Nancy”. Well, to cut the long story short, Juliet is a great baker who has made thousands of hearts happy with her amazing cake designs. Also, at the present time, she is sharing the happiness through baking, especially through her self-titled YouTube channel.

Juliet Sear Age Wikipedia: She is most probably in her 40s-Her age

As a matter of fact, Juliet has been so busy in baking that revealing about her personal life is not on her priority list. Thus, we have no information regarding her age or birthdate or early life too.

But, knowing that she is a mother of 3 teenage kids, we assume that she must be in her early 40s. But, certainly, she does not look that old too. Also, Juliet was born in Australia, but her fate brought her to London with her parents. She lives in Islington, London with her family.

Juliet’s love for baking was one of the initial reasons that led her to start baking. However, after she made a cake very badly and untrained, on her son’s birthday made her realize that he wanted to try the cake business. And, henceforth, as you all know, she has not looked back.

At the present time, she owns a cake boutique named Fancy Nancy. She is also one of the finest cake designers in England. Moreover, her designs possess the scent of family life and togetherness as well. By now, she must have designed thousands of cakes.

Thus, her experience in baking and cake designs has made her fan’s favorite. People definitely enjoy her show at ITV, The Morning Show. Moreover, the wannabe-bakers are learning a lot from her show. Also, she has made an appearance in some other television shows as well as commercials.

Furthermore, she is also the author of baking books like Kawaii Cakes, Cakeology and the Cake Decorating Bible. Aside from that, she has her own YouTube channel to connect with her fans. She posts videos on baking, designing and decorating cakes. She has over 6 thousand followers on her YouTube channel.

Juliet Sear is a married woman. Simon Sear is her Current husband

Not to mention, Juliet loves to bake for her husband and children. Likewise, her husband, Simon Sear and their children have also always been there for Juliet in her journey. Well, it is certain that the couple is in very much in love and are proud of each other.

But, they are not open about the details of their personal life. As to when and how they met and got married remain secretive for now. While, Juliet shares of her works mostly on her Instagram, her husband often shares pictures of the family as well as his adorable wife.

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Juliet Sear has 3 children: Two daughters and a son(Facts on her family)

Juliet and her husband made 3 adorable kids who are already in their teen years.

This wonderful baker has 2 daughters namely: Ruby Sear and Lyd Sear and a son named George Sear. While a lot about her children is not public, Juliet loves to bake for her children. In fact, it was her baking on her son’s birthday that made her an expert in baking business today.

Also, her daughter Ruby has already started modeling. We can find a lot of great pictures of her on her personal Instagram account.

Her Social media Presence

In addition to YouTube, Juliet connects to her fans through Instagram as well as Twitter. She has over 39 thousand followers on Instagram. Also, she has over 12,000 followers on Twitter.