AGT 2022: Who Is Justin Rupple? All Details To Know About The Actor

Justin Rupple in AGT 2022
Justin Rupple in AGT 2022

 Justin Rupple impresses with celebrity voice impressions on America's Got Talent Season 17 Auditions on Tuesday, June 21, 2022. Rupple moves on to the next round of the competition after receiving four yeses from the judges.

America's Got Talent is a reality television show that premiered on NBC in the United States and is part of the global Got Talent franchise. It's a talent show where singers, dancers, comedians, magicians, and other performers of all ages compete for a $1 million grand prize.

Justin Rupple has gotten a lot of attention for his performance on AGT, and people want to learn more about him. Let's look at Justin Rupple's Wikipedia page, age, and other details about him.

AGT 2022: Justin Rupple Age & Wikipedia 

Justin Rupple is 34 years old, and he was born on the year 1988 in Los Angeles. Rupple is an actor, voice actor, and stand-up comedian.

He earned his bachelor's degree in journalism from Washington State University's Edward R Murrow School of Communications. He started working at KIRO Radio in Seattle after graduating.

Rupple began exploring stand-up comedy in early 2006 to satisfy his need to perform in front of an audience. Rupple received his first major break when he was found by The Parlor Live Comedy Club in late 2008, after playing at the now-defunct Giggles Comedy Club in Seattle.

He was hired as the club's first and only house host, and for the next two years, he performed six concerts per week.

He relocated to Los Angeles in 2010 with the aim of making it big. Rupple's career began to take off after a series of rejections and failures when he earned a role in Liam Neeson's film "Opposite Chromite."

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Justin Rupple Net Worth 2022

Justin Rupple is an American actor and voice actor, so his net worth is estimated to be $80,000-$85,000. This is, however, just an estimate of his net worth.

The exact specific details of his net worth have yet to be revealed. As he competed on American Got Talent, all four judges were blown away by his performance, and if he won the show, he would receive a $1 million prize and a trophy.

Rupple is known for his roles on 'First Impressions with Dana Carvey,' as Tuffnut in 'How to Train Your Dragon,' and in 'Operation Chromite,' alongside Liam Neeson.

Justin Rupple Family: Who Are They?

Justin Rupple has not provided any information about his parents to the media. 

The contestant has kept his data under wraps and refused to share it with the public.

When it comes to Rupple's personal life, he has been extremely private. As a result, his parents' identities and main occupations are unknown.

There is no information about his family members that indicates whether he has siblings or not.

Justin, on the other hand, might have a supportive family. A person's success is often called by a supportive family who always supports them in reaching their objectives.

Meet Justin Rupple On Instagram

Justin Rupple is active on Instagram with the username @therupple. He has 3,776 followers and 198posts on his Instagram account,

He posted a funny video of his own and posted about his profession on his Instagram account. Justin is also active on Twitter with the username @TheRupple.

He has 1,655 followers, and he joined Twitter in May 2009. As he has participated in American Got Talent, he is well recognized by everyone, and people can find him on Twitter and Instagram

Everyone in the entertainment industry aspires to win a million dollars and get a position as the headline act in Las Vegas. One of these performers, Justin Rupel, is trying to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime chance.

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