Justine Schofield And Partner Brent Staker Already Planning The Baby Name

Justine Schofield broke the good news on her Instagram last May, revealing she is pregnant and will soon be a mother.

Schofield is carrying a baby with her AFL star partner Brent Staker. Along with a picture of the happy couple in their living room, the former MasterChef contestant shared the good news on Instagram on May 7, 2022.

One of Australia’s most known culinary personalities, pregnant Justine has built a reputation as a straightforward and refined chef. She has a solid commitment to inspiring families throughout the nation to cook with greater ambition and creativity.

Masterchef participant Justine Schofield has been making regular appearances while displaying a noticeable child bulge since she and her fiancé are expecting their first child very soon.

Justine Schofield And Partner Brent Staker Planning The Baby Name

In July, at the Bronte Surf Lifesaving Club in Sydney, the star chef and her football player fiancé hosted their baby shower with family and acquaintances. They will soon announce the baby’s name.

The event, which doubled as a gender reveal party, was captured by Justine, 36, in several Instagram posts. In the caption of a picture of Justine and Brent, 38, clutching pink and blue balloons, the former MasterChef contestant wrote, “Not long now until our baby Stakerfield* arrives.”

Netizens filled the comment box with love and well wishes for the couple and prayed for the better health of both mother and the upcoming child. People believe the kid will be a genetically brilliant one.

MasterChef star Justine Schofield and boyfriend Brent Staker on their baby shower
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On the other hand, attendees of the baby shower party might have insights into the gender of Justine and Brent’s baby when the balloon popped, but the duo has not made it to the public. Likewise, the name of the baby has not been revealed either. “Stakerfield,” she wrote on her Instagram, addressing her unborn child as just the union of her last names and her partner Justine.

As she stood for pictures with her boyfriend on the balcony of the beachside venue, Justine looked radiant in a white dress that glided over her growing belly. She announced they were expecting their first child together in May by posting a picture of the happy expectant parents in their living room on her Instagram.

When Is Masterchef Star Due? Justine Schofield Pregnant and Expecting A Baby

Everyone appears to be aware that the couple is expecting, and the baby’s father, Brent, seems eager to see the child. The wait will soon be over now as the month of September could be it.

The bulge seems more significant in comparison to her Instagram photos. Justine was wearing pink clothes with floral patterns as she posed for the photo, clutching her expanding tummy.

Though the exact date of her delivery is still a mystery, that does not toll down the excitement and joy of their parents, who are about to have their first able child, also means becoming patients for the first time. However, the couple who started dating amid the Covid pandemic in 2020 is not yet married. 

Justine Schofield with her AFL star boyfriend Brent Staker
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Who Is Justine Schofield Boyfriend Brent Staker? Know More About Him

Justine Schofield, though she started seeing boyfriend Brent Staker in 2020, made their relationship public through an interview in 2021.

Besides, she also addressed her previous relationship and how her two past breakups haunted her for a long time until she met Brent. Now that she’s in a committed relationship, she is in a good mental state. Three years prior, Justine was dating Seven host Doran.

Talking about his current lover, the 38-year-old Brent Allen is a former Australian soccer player who used to kick the ball in the Australian Soccer League for West Coast Eagles and Brisbane Lions.

Staker announced his departure from the AFL in August 2015, effective after the previous season. He tore his hamstring while warming up for what would have been his final game, causing him to leave the game after it had already started. 

He joined the under 18 NSW/ACT Rams and made his accomplished debut in 2003. Moreover, he received a nomination for an AFL Rising Star award after scoring three goals against Melbourne in round seven of 2004.

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