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TV Presenter: Kaladkaren Real Name Boyfriend Gender And Net Worth Revealed

Kaladkaren is a radio broadcaster, TV and digital presenter, and Filipino journalist who is also a newsreader. Her real name is Jervi Ryan Li.

An impersonation of veteran journalist Karen Davila is now making the rounds on the internet. Kalad Karen Davila rose to prominence after Facebook user Michael Tanchaco shared a video of her impersonating Davila.

She and Karen Davila attended the same university, the University of the Philippines.

Kaladkaren idolizes Geraldine Roman, the country's first trans politician to win a congressional seat. She stated that she, like Roman, completely supports the movement for greater LGBT rights.

What Is Kaladkaren Real Name?

Kaladkaren's real name is Jervi Ryan Li, a television personality and Filipina impersonator. She is most known for her impersonation of ABS-CBN News anchor Karen Davila.

Li is a Quezon City native who attended the University of the Philippines Diliman. During the Philippine presidential debates in 2016, Li pranked Karen Davila as part of a political humor event presented by the UP.

She has received over 20 professional journalism honors from both national and international bodies. Kaladkaren became upset when presenting Karen Davila, the lady who helped establish her career, with her new house.

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Does Kaladkaren Have A Boyfriend

Kaladkaren proposed to her long-term boyfriend, Luke Wrightson. The TV presenter announced the news on Twitter late Wednesday, September 9.

In a video posted to their YouTube channel, Jervi and Luke discussed the concept. Luke, who has participated in some of Jeriv's videos, stated that he had discussed proposing to Jervi with his family.

Jervi stated that Luke had been holding the ring in his pocket for some time, and had managed to conceal it from her at their house by concealing it among cleaning supplies.

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Find Out The Gender Of Kaladkaren

Kaladkaren, a transgender woman, documented the hostility trans women face when using public facilities in a Twitter post on Wednesday, Aug. 14.

She agreed that there are greater issues to solve, which is why an issue like using toilets should not be emphasized because trans people merely want to use the toilet.

She reassured ladies that people of the LGBTQ+ community are not concerned about women's private areas and that cubicles give adequate privacy.

Explore The Net Worth Of Kaladkaren

Kaladkaren has not made public her net worth, but according to our estimates, Kaladkaren's worth is about $1 million.

The average salary of a journalist in the Philippines is about $2000 dollar which is more than the average salary.

Her net worth and salary might be a lot higher as she is involved in different types of work. She is also active on Twitter, she has 38.5k followers on her account. In her latest tweet, she posted a picture of her engagement.