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Kamal Miller Parents Leighton Miller And Sauzette Broome Did Not Think He Would Go Pro

Kamal Miller and his beloved mother photographed together.
Source : instagram

Kamal Miller was born to parents Leighton Miller and Sauzette Broome. His father is from Kingston, Jamaica, and his mother is from Toronto.

They welcomed him in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.

Kamal has special attachments with his mother and has shared a few pictures with her on his social media. He is not the only child born to Leighton and Sauzette and has a beautiful sister.

The athlete began playing football at age four, thanks to his supportive family, who never restricted him from pursuing sports as a hobby or profession. Playing football was his hobby, which later became his passion and career, so the elder Miller and Broome never thought that their son would become a pro soccer player in the future. 

Kamal Miller Made His Parents Proud By Turning Pro

The professional soccer player Kama Miller was born to his parents, Leighton Miller and Sauzette Broome, on the 16th of May 1997 in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.

Kama and his parents were convinced that he played soccer from a young age as a hobby and didn't intend to turn pro in the future. Little did they know he would be playing in the World Cup 2022 in Qatar. 

After qualifying to represent Canada in the world cup, he tweeted, "Mom and Dad I’m going to the World Cup ‼️‼️ CANADA I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ❤️ @CanadaSoccerEN #KM4."

The tweet from March 28 was retweeted 308 times.

Kamal Miller proudly held his jersey with his beautiful mother Sauzette Broome.
Source : instagram

Miller's hobby soon turned to passion, and he wanted to pursue the sport professionally, so he got serious and worked hard to reach the top and make his mom and dad proud. He received unconditional love and support from his family, which helped him get through hard times. 

Kamal Miller Is A Mamma Boy

Kamal Miller is very attached to his mother, Sauzette Broome, and is a mamma's boy.

The athlete's mom was born in Toronto, while annually marking her birthday on the 6th of December. Likewise, his dad was born in Kingston, Jamaica, so he has Jamaican heritage from his father's side.

Kamal plays for the Major League Soccer club CF Montréal as a center-back.

Sauzette Broome is always there to cheer for his son during his games.
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Miller often expresses his love for momma Broome through social media, and he has always remained grateful for everything she has done for his happiness and well-being. Sauzette means the world to her son and vice versa, and she is the MVP of the family. 

In 2018, his followers became aware of his intense love for his mother on Mother's day after he posted a picture with his mother with the caption, "Happy Mothers Day to all of the mothers out there holding it down ‼️But a special shoutout goes out to my mother who is my whole world. If you know me, then you know the relationship I have with my mother. We have ups and downs but it's always love and that love will never die ? This is all for you Ma and I love you."

In 2020, he posted something similar. "Happy Mother’s Day Mummy ? Today is your day. Everything I do is for you and the family ?? I love you so much always #RealMVP."

The mother-son duo has always had each other's back in every situation (be it ups or down) and always will, and the footballer is doing his best for his beloved mother. Moreover, he has shared several beautiful moments of them on his Instagram, @kmillz_00. Likewise, Sauzette has also created her Instagram profile under @cutiesusie31 but has maintained a private account.

Kamal Miller Grew Up In A Football Loving Family

Kamal Miller grew up in a football-loving family.

Every household has something they love doing together, and it has always been football for the Millers. The athlete played football with his family and friends from age four.

Although no one thought Kamal would make it to the professional teams in the future, they never underestimated him for what he could achieve in the time ahead. They always believed in him and supported his every decision.

Kamal Miller celebrated Christmas 2016 with his family.
Source : instagram

The footballer appreciates his aunt & grandma for always being there and shaping him into the man he is becoming, which he is satisfied of. They have impacted his life and helped him nurture into a good human being on and off the field.

Kamal also has a sister and cousins with whom he spent his childhood, and they are his biggest fan and number 1 cheerleaders.