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Karrick Martin Has A Beautiful Family Of Three With Wife Brittany Martin

Karrick shared a picture with his partner Brittany from a concert on the day they announced pregnancy news.
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Karrick Martin wife Brittany Martin lives in Alberta with their son Kayler. Karrick got married to Brittany in May 2016. 

Three years after marriage, they welcomed their first child in August 2017 and named him Kayler.

Brittany shared a picture of her son and his husband enjoying an ice-cream on Father's Day
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Canadian curler Karrick Martin plays for Team Kevin Koe on the World Curling Tour. He is better known for being the son of the 2010 Olympic Curling Champion, Kevin Martin. 

Despite being the champion's son, he only started his career as a curler at 13. Before that, he used to play Hockey while he was at school. Besides that, he is also associated with The Government of Alberta, where he works as a Facilities Coordinator. 

Karrick Martin Spouse Brittany Curls As A Hobby

Karrick Martin wife Brittany Martin is a professional curler and has participated in multiple curling championships. 

In 2021, Brittany and her other teammates represented Team Alberta in the Everest Curling Club Championships that was held in Ottawa. Brittany was one of four ladies to represent the team led by Tiffany Steuber.

Kerrick and Brittany shared their wedding picture on Instagram
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They played at the Spruce Grove Curling Club and took first place at the 2020 provincial champions in October 2020. This qualified them for the Everest Curling Club Championships that took place in Ottawa, from November 28 to December 4, 2021.

Brittany was part of a historic moment as it was the first time the Spruce Grove Curling Club team went to the national club championships.

Karrick Martin and Brittany Martin married on May 28, 2016, at a big hall. They have been lawfully wedded for seven years.

On their first marriage anniversary, Karrick shared some pictures with his spouse and mentioned that every day with her keeps on getting better. Brittany also shared their wedding pictures on their second anniversary. 

The couple had a wedding photoshoot around the city area and also around a beautiful garden. 

Karrick shared a picture with his girlfriend wihile they were roaming around Canada in 2016
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The couple first met each other during their high school days. The first picture he posted with Brittany was back in 2009 and they were hanging out with other friends. They have also traveled outside of Canada and have posted pictures about it. 

Karrick Martin Has One Kid

Karrick Martin family is currently focusing on raising their son Kayler Martin who is 5 years old. 

The couple first announced Brittany's pregnancy news in February 2017 at Garth Brooks in front of 22 other close friends and family. 

On that day, he shared some pictures from the day on his Twitter handle. They had a baby shower in April 2017 and revealed that they are going to have a baby boy. 

Brittany shared a picture of their bonding time at the Disneyland in 2022
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The ceremony was simple and was celebrated at their place with a cake. They also did a maternity photo shoot when Britanny was really close to being in labor. Karrick shared some pictures and mentioned that the couple couldn't wait to meet their boy. 

Kayler Martin Goes To Kindergarten Now

Karrick and Brittany welcomed their baby boy on August 31. Kayler was completely healthy and normal when he was born. 

The couple has done a good job in raising their child. When he was a few months old, Brittany used to take him to watch his father's matches as well. 

In May 2022, they took him on his first visit to Disneyland. They made many fun memories and even tried out different rides there. 

Karrick shared some family pictures on the Thanksgiving in 2020
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In September 2022, Brittany shared moments of Kayler going to kindergarten for the first time after spending months in the children daycare,