Karyn Kupcinet Cause Of Death Explained, Was It A Homicide Or Something Else? Facts To Know

Karyn Kupcinet Was Killed On November 28, 1963, After A Week Of President John F Kennedy's Assassination

Karyn Kupcinet was an American actress who was killed in a homicide after few days after President John F Kennedy's assassination.

Born on March 6, 1941, she was considered some of the most elegant and beautiful actresses of her time. She had a remarkable career of 4 years, from 1959 to 1963. He was a victim of a homicide that took her life in her apartment.

Karyn Kupcinet's Death Scene Explained

A few days before the assassination of President John f Kennedy, she made a call from the Los Angeles region to the police department stating about the killing of President Kennedy.

Karyn was last seen alive on the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving. She had talked to her father, Irv Kupcinet, on the phone and then gone to have dinner with two friends, actor Mark Goddard and his wife, Marcia. Two more friends, Edwin Stephen Rubin, a freelance writer, and actor Robert Hathaway visited her when she arrived back at her flat.

The Apartment Where Karyn Kupcinet Was Killed
The Apartment Where Karyn Kupcinet Was Killed( Source : Youtube )

After they watched TV together for a time, Karyn fell asleep and went to bed. At around 11:00 p.m., Hathaway and Rubin went outside. They were the last individuals, aside from the murderer, to see her alive.

On November 30, after Kupcinet failed to call the Goddard couple as promised, the Goddards went to her residence. Upon arriving at Kupcinet's residence, the pair found her nude body lying on the couch.

Was It A Homicide Or Suicide?

Karyn Kupcinet's death case is still unsolved till now. The case was closed, ruling her death as a homicide. The cause of death was murder by manual strangulation.

Authorities believed that Kupcinet was the person who dialed an operator in tears just before the murder, but neither he nor anyone else has ever presented any proof of it.

It's a big mystery why she would go 50 miles north to make a call she could have made from her apartment or a pay phone if she were worried her call would be tracked. She could also inform the FBI or Secret Service about the killing instead of calling an operator.

Many other theories claim that Karyn's boyfriend, Andrew Prine, planned the homicide. He stated to the police in which he said that the day before her death, he had called Karyn to console her and inform her about the efforts that he had been making for solving the disputes.

Why Is It Still A Mystery?

It is confirmed that the death of Karyn Kupcinet is the result of a homicide. She had personal problems at that moment, but she didn't take her life because of those problems. The reason for the death was stated to be manual strangulation which was caused due to due to fracture of the hyoid bone in her throat.

Her killers are still free and haven't been identified yet. Her murder is directly connected to the killing of President Kennedy as she had informed about the potential killing a few days before the assassination of the President.