What Happened To Katlego Maboe? Inside Married Life Of South African TV presenter

Katlego Maboe with his ex-wife Monique Muller and son ( Source : Ecr )

Katlego Moswane Maboe, or Katlego Maboe, is a media figure from South Africa. He carries the title of a TV presenter, singer-songwriter, and accountant before his name. 

Maboe is renowned for anchoring the morning chat show The Expresso on SABC 3 since its launch in 2010. He won back-to-back awards for Best TV Presenter at the South African Film and Television Awards in 2015 and 2016. The TV host, however, withdrew from the show in 2020 after his now-ex-wife Monique Muller accused him of abusing her. 

It was recently announced that Katlego Maboe would return to The Expresso Morning Show on 8 August 2022, following a two-year hiatus. Expresso's promos for Maboe's return to the program indicate that the program may revisit what happened all along these two years.

Katlego Maboe Cheated On His Ex Wife Monique Muller In 2020, Bursting A Social Media Outcry

Following accusations of adultery and abuse made against Maboe by his ex-wife, Monique Muller, he was at the center of a social media uproar in 2020. The accusations downsized him to the point he had to step down from all his professional platforms.

Maboe resided in Johannesburg from 2018 to 2020 with his wife, Monique Muller, and son, Phoenix Katlego Maboe. Suddenly, in October 2020, Monique came forward on social media and revealed that the presenter had assaulted her, cheated on her, and given her an STI.

Monique posted a video of Maboe and the representative for the primary insurance company OUTsurance, with whom Maboe admitted to having an extramarital affair, on her Twitter account back then, and the Internet instantly went wild. Monique was heard giving Maboe a deadline in the video to reveal the identity of his mistress. It was unclear what the ultimatum was for, but Maboe tells her that he cheated on her with a woman named Nikita Murray, who was also married.

The Expresso Morning Show Katlego Maboe cheated on ex-wife Monique with Nikita Murray
The Expresso Morning Show Katlego Maboe cheated on ex-wife Monique with Nikita Murray ( Source : Buzzsouthafrica )

Monique's video on Twitter was later reposted by her brother, Seth Muller, on his Instagram. Sharing it, Seth claimed that Maboe's attorney had threatened to have him and a friend imprisoned if they continued to speak out about how Maboe had mistreated Monique. Seth also revealed that Maboe gave her sister an STD that caused cancer cells to become active and that she might not be able to have children again in his Instagram post. 

Moreover, Seth said, Maboe cheated on Monique numerous times, including when she was carrying his baby. He sent out a caution to Maboe, saying, "@KatlegoMaboe, you can have me locked up, but once again, you can't hide from this buddy." through his social media.

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Katlego Maboe Found Not Guilty Of Abuse Accusations

Maboe acknowledged the infidelity but never admitted assaulting his ex-wife, which he even alluded to in a tweet he published on 23 October 2020.

A court statement that Katlego Maboe put on his Instagram account.
A court statement that Katlego Maboe put on his Instagram account. ( Source : Instagram )

The abuse accusations brought up by Monique and her brother Seth were a centrepiece in the downfall of Maboe. Following the charges, he was taken off of all the OUTsurance advertising he had previously been. The Expresso Morning Show also released a statement in which it strongly condemned all acts of violence and mistreatment, particularly those committed against women and children, and takes any claims of such behavior exceptionally seriously. They stated that Maboe would not appear on The Expresso Morning Show until the investigation was over and the findings were made public.

The situation Maboe and Monique were in obviously led to their separation and fight for self-respect and dignity. The court trials for the abuse, on 27 January 2022, announced a verdict in favor of Katlego, clearing him of all charges. 

In September 2021, Katlego filed a case for defamation against Manique and her brother Seth, seeking R1 million in damages, an admission of guilt, and a retraction. According to Maboe's attorneys, they damaged both his reputation and his capacity for employment. 

After Maboe's win over the case, he posted a legal statement on his Instagram stating that he is also taking legal action against a group of people involved in defamation and disrupting his financial potential.

Is Katlego Maboe Dating Anyone Right Now?

Maboe doesn't appear to be in a relationship right now. He has recently been out of all the court trips, so he had no time to think about dating anyone.

Examining Monique's Instagram account that goes by the name @moniquemuller684, it seems that she has custody of the child, and it could be that Maboe and Monique co-parent their son despite all the past. It also appears that Monique is engaged in domestic violence campaigns and advocacy projects as per her Instagram posts.

Monique Muller works as an activist these days
Monique Muller works as an activist these days ( Source : Instagram )

The Tv presenter is set to reappear on The Expresso Morning Show on 8 August 2022 after two years of hiatus.