Lawyer Kayra Harding Biografia Edad And Career In Politics

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The first vice president of the Legislature, Kayra Harding may become a princess before the end of the month. Please continue reading to gain insight into her biografia. 

While serving as the Vice President of the Commission for Women, Children, Youth, and the Family, she chaired two sub-commissions for July 2020 to July 2021.

The first subcommission was regarding Law No. 184 Against Political Violence against Women, and the second was on the proposal for a Law on Comprehensive Protection at Least.

Kayra also served as President of the Public Infrastructure and Panama Canal Affairs Commission of the National Assembly for two

consecutive periods 2019-2020 and 2020-2021.

Kayra Harding Biografia And Wikipedia - Facts On The Lawyer

Kayra Harding is a politician, lawyer, and vice president of the National Assembly of Deputies, but she has yet to be listed on Wikipedia. 

She participated as a speaker at the II World Summit of Women in November 2020, organized by Mujeres Sin Limits, held in Ecuador, and on behalf of the Argentine chapter.

Harding was voted in as the Vice President of the National Assembly of Panama for the period July 2021 to July 2022.

Kayra is also serving as the Vice President for Central America of the ParlAmericas Parliamentary Network for Gender Equality and Vice President of the Committee on Public Infrastructure and Panama Canal Affairs for the same period.

Edad De Kayra Harding

Kayra Harding, the deputy of the Republic of Panama for circuit 8- 1 Arraiján, looks to be 41 edad.

She graduated from Columbus University with a bachelor's degree in Social Communication and Information and from ISAE Universidad with a degree in Law and Political Science.

She holds two Master's degrees from ISAE Universidad: one in the accusatory penal system and one in higher education. Kayra pursued her Postgraduate in Higher Teaching at ISAE Universidad.

Kayra Harding received the GUBA AWARDS Foundation's "Woman of Elevation" award in November 2021. They are well-known for honoring the accomplishments of the African diaspora around the world in a variety of fields.

This award was given to Harding for her tireless efforts on behalf of Afro-descendant women in Panama, particularly during the pandemic.

Insight On Politician Kayra Harding And Her Familia 

Politician Kayra Harding was rendered Deputy after being elected by the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), in the national elections of May 5, 2019, for the period 2019-2024.

She had been elected as the candidate for deputy in the PRD primaries in September 2018.

Moreover, Harding was nominated for one of the 50 most influential women in Panama in October 2018 by Editorial Group GESE in social responsibility, Art and culture, politics, and the Public Sector.

Kayra Harding gave birth to two twin boys over 11 months ago but little is known about her family. On April 22, she celebrated her twin boys turning 11 months old with a cookie monster-themed Sesame Street cake.

The Panamanian Lawyer Kayra Harding does not appear to be married. 

Recently, two photos of her on Instagram surfaced with her standing close to Prince Anthony Kwasi, and the comments were filled with congratulations and best wishes on becoming a princess.

If rumors are to be believed, the two will tie the knot before the end of the month is over. 

Kayra Harding joined Instagram to reach out to people and inspire them to reach new heights. She is available under the handle @kayra_harding and has managed to get 12.7K people to follow her.