Keith Douglas Lieberthal is an American lawyer who works for Guidepoint Global as a General Counsel and a Chief Compliance Officer. He is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and writes about international relations. He is the husband of famous American actor Juliana Margulies, who is famed for her role on TV reality series ER, which she was part of the cast for 6 years. Here we look at some amazing but unknown facts about this American lawyer.


Quick facts about Keith Lieberthal

Full Name: Keith Douglas Lieberthal

Born: 23rd August, 1977

Age: Turning 40 years

Place of Birth: Ohio, USA

Ethnicity: Jewish

Profession: Lawyer

Law Firms: Covington & Burling, Bain & Co.

Net Worth: Unknown

Marital Status: Married

Spouse: Juliana Margulies

Children: One

1. Keith is 6 years junior to his wife

Keith Lieberthal’s age has been the highlight of his marriage and relationship with wife Juliana since they got married and even before they did and were still dating. People never seemed to get over the fact that Keith who was born in 1977 and is turning 40 this year is six years younger than his wife Juliana, who was born in 1971 and currently is aged 46 years of age. However, the couple has never seemed bothered by this fact and this has led to the showbiz accepting the fact and keeping quiet about it.

2. Keith Lieberthal and wife to be met at a dinner party

Soul mates and couples-to-be, meet in many peculiar ways, and Keith and Juliana were no different, as the two met at a dinner party in which they had been invited. Juliana admits to having been the one who made the first move on the handsome blue-eyed lawyer who to her seemed quite young thanks to his baby face. His looks also got her to think of him as an actor. The tow would later kick it off after that initial contact at the dinner party.


3. Keith Lieberthal and wife are both Jewish

Keith, Lieberthal happens to be born into a family with Jewish ancestry and his parents are known to be ardent in practicing the Jewish religion, although, the same cannot be said of Keith who seems to just be but a casual Jew and nothing more. On the other hand, wife Juliana is also born into a Jewish family and is known to practice the religion. Juliana says she realized that Keith was Jewish the moment he introduced himself and mentioned his surname.