Kellyn Acosta Parents Kennith Acosta and Kanikah Perry Are Japanese And Puerto Rican

Kellyn Acosta with his father and grandmother at  the Japanese American National Museum in Little Toyko.
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The American professional soccer player Kellyn Acosta was born to parents, Kennith and Kanikah Acosta. They are of Japanese And Puerto Rican heritage.

Kellyn had a stereotypical Asian upbringing, having Japanese food, watching Japanese-language news on television, and studying hard to get Straight A's while excelling at sports (soccer, basketball, and track). 

Apart from Japanese and American culture, he also tasted Brazilian culture. He was a disciple of former Brazilian footballer José Márcio Pereira da Silva, better known as Zequinha.

Acosta thrived in a mix of Asian discipline and Brazilian creativity. He enjoyed creativity and freedom while living with his hero Zequinha and the former footballer also taught him to embrace his true self without caring what other thinks and says.

Kellyn Acosta Parents: Meet Kennith and Kanikah 

Kellyn Acosta's parents, Kennith and Kanikah, welcomed their son in Plano, Texas, on the 24th of July 1995. 

His dad is a hard-nosed engineer, a strict father with the stereotypical Asian upbringing, and he got Straight A's while growing up. However, his parents separated when he was young, so he spent a lot of time with his grandma, who he called Mimi.

Kellyn Acosta pictured with his family when they had a family dinner in 2017.
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Mimi is a full Japanese woman who hadn't been to Japan in half a century; when she came to States with her family, they had nothing but a blanket, one change of clothes, and a pair of bamboo sandals. Thus, Acosta grew up with Asian blood, and his last name comes from his Mexican paternal step-grandfather.

Kellyn Acosta Father Is Half Japanese

Acosta has Japanese background from his father's side, as Kennith is half Japanese, born in Japan, and his first language is Japanese.

Kennith lived in his home country until age ten and then moved to States. The elder Acosta was a foreigner coming into the country, and as he grew up in Plano, Texas, his family was Americanized.

Kellyn Acosta walked down the streets of Tokyo with his dad and grandmother.
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While the soccer player was a kid, he grew up with his grandma. He has priceless memories of spending time with her, listening to her speak Japanese on the phone, watching Japanese-language news on the television, and having Japanese cuisine. 

The athlete has also gone to Japan and visited the Japanese American National Museum to learn more about the history and culture of Japanese people in the United States with his dad and Mimi.

Kellyn Acosta Has A Loving Family 

Kellyn has a loving and caring family who helped him reach his height. His first Instagram post is with his loved ones at Dick's Sporting Goods Park.

The soccer player always wanted to play American football to fit in, and he always insisted his parents play the sport while excelling in soccer, basketball, and track. But his dad wouldn't let him play as it was dangerous, and he would get injured. 

Kellyn Acosta at Dick's Sporting Goods Park with his family.
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Just as they thought, Acosta once got hurt in seventh grade, and that's when he realized soccer was his sport. The injury kept him from playing in a soccer tournament which was more painful than the ankle sprain. 

Furthermore, the soccer player is also a proud father and has blessed his parents with a grandkid. He has a son named Emerson, four years old, born on the 13th of August 2018. However, the baby momma has stayed away from the spotlight.  

Acosta Also Has A Second Family

Kellyn met the Brazilian former footballer Zequinha as his coach, and the relationship grew closer. The athlete once only played for Coach Zee stayed at his house, rode with him in the car to games, and hung out with his son, João.

Kellyn Acosta photographed with the da Silva family.
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His closeness to the former Brazilian footballer exposed him to a multicultural environment. One night he would be eating a good old American burger, and the next, he would be slurping noodle soup made by his Japanese grandma, and then he would be having feijoada at his coach.

Zequinha also helped him in embracing himself and his culture. He taught him to stop caring what people said and told him to stand out without trying to fit in with others. He advised him to play with freedom and be brave without hiding, and he is still living with it.