Who Is Kelsey Chittick? Author And Journalist Career In Nutshell

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Kelsey Chittick is a comedian, writer, and motivational speaker. Let's explore her Wikipedia profile below.

Chittick's book tour began in Raleigh. "Second Half: Surviving Loss and Finding Magic in the Missing" is the title of the book.

Wikipedia: Who Is Kelsey Chittick? 

Kelsey Chittick is an inspiring speaker, comedian, and writer who doesn't have an official Wikipedia profile.

She has done stand-up comedy all around Los Angeles for the past 14 years and has spoken at events across the country.

Chittick is the co-creator of KeepON, a motivational and entertaining podcast about how our main challenges can transform into our greatest gifts.

She talks about how she found out about her late husband's CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy). Nate Hobgood-Chittick, Chittick's spouse, played six seasons in the NFL. 

Find Kelsey Chittick Age

Kelsey Chittick's age is still missing. Her birth date is still unknown.

She spent her career in the medical industry before authoring her best-selling book "Second Half - Surviving Loss and Finding Magic in the Missing."

Her background includes sales and marketing, as well as clinical research, management, and recruitment.

She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a bachelor's degree.

Who Is Kelsey Chittick Husband?

Kelsey Chittick is Nate Hobgood Chittick's wife. When she met her husband, who was a defensive lineman for the football team, she was a swimmer at UNC.

In her book "Second-half: Surviving Loss and Finding Magic in the Missing," she discussed her spouse and their relationship.

The author explained what her quest to find peace and answers regarding her spouse has taught her on a recent trip to North Carolina in September to begin her book tour.

While playing on the trampoline with their two children, Jack and Addison, near their house in southern California, her late husband died of a major heart attack. It occurred almost four years ago.

She remembered trying to concentrate on what her spouse was like as a man. The mother of two said she tried to emphasize to her children how fortunate they were to have him in their life. They were still in grief at the moment.

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