Kerri Colby Drag Mother Sasha Colby, Is She Trans? Before and After Photos Comparison

The drag performer Kerri Colby's mom is Sasha Colby. Who actually is her mother? Is Sasha Kerri's real mother? Let's get the answers to these questions below in the article.

Kerri Colby is a drag artist.

The performer is well known for her being one of the contestants of the 14th season of RuPaul's Drag Race, a reality competition series.

Aside from being a reality star, Kerri Colby is also involved as a proud trans activist.

Who Is Kerri Colby Drag Mother Sasha Colby?

Kerri Colby's drag mother is named Sasha Colby, who is a former beauty pageant winner.

Well, her drag mom won the title of Miss Continental 2012 and made herself famous in the entertainment industry. Sasha is a Hawaiian-born and Chicago-based, showgirl and is obviously the reigning Miss Continental 2012-2013, Sa.

Sasha is not Colby's real mother but just a drag mother.

About Colby's real family, it is found that Kerri was kicked out by his parents from home when he was around 16 years old. He was born to a black father and white mother and both of them are divorced now.

His formal introduction to the drag world began when Colby learned that her brother was dead after being overdosed in 2018. To cope with that sorrow, she began to embrace herself and express herself through drag and that was the visible start journey for her.Β 

Later, she struggled so much with mental health and other trials and errors.

Kerri Colby Gender- Is She Trans?

About Kerri Colby's gender, she is labeled as a trans female as per SCMP.

It is learned that she was one of the two trans female competitors from the 14th season of RuPaul's Drag Race.

Mostly, pronouns like she or her have been used for Colby on the internet.

According to Fandom, her real name is Elyse Alessandra Anderson.

Kerri Colby Before and After Photos Comparison

Kerri Colby's before and after drag photos could be seen on her social media.

And, we can even visibly notice the difference after doing the comparison of before and after pictures on Instagram.