What Happened To Kevin Holloman? Murderer Michael Morgan Arrested, A Complete Timeline

28 Years Old Kevin Holloman Was Allegedly Murdered By Michael Morgan In 2020 ( Source : Dailymail )

Kevin Holloman was a man who was allegedly shot in Brooklyn by Michael Morgan on October 21, 2020, and charged with another shooting on August 5.

At 9:36 that evening, Holloman was fatally shot in front of 761 Herkimer Street in Bedford Stuyvesant. He was declared dead shortly after at Kings County Hospital.

What Happened To Kevin Holloman?

Holloman was shot multiple times in Brooklyn in 2020, which took his life. He suffered multiple gunshots and was immediately rushed to the hospital, hoping to save his life. Unfortunately, he was pronounced dead later at the hospital.

His murder mystery might end as police have announced that they have arrested a man related to this case who is also accused of another shooting on August 1, 2022. Michael Morgan is a 20-year-old native of Brooklyn who has shot a restaurant staff over an argument about cold fries.

Michael Morgan Is Accused Of Another Murder In August 3 2022
Michael Morgan Is Accused Of Another Murder In August 3 2022 ( Source : Nypost )

He has already confessed to the murder of Holloman, and the authorities have started the procedures to press murder charges against Morgan. However, it is unsure whether he has been charged in the murder case of the hotel staff or not. 

Murderer Michael Morgan Arrested In The Case Of Shooting A McDonald's Employee

Michael was arrested shortly after a shooting occurred outside a restaurant on Fulton Street in Bedford-Stuyvesant. According to authorities, he was charged with attempted murder and criminal possession of a weapon on Tuesday night.

He admitted to the murder of Kevin Holloman on Wednesday. Kevin Holloman was shot three times and killed in front of a Herkimer Street building in Bed-Stuy.

Matthew Webb Was Shot By Michael Morgan On August 1 2022 Outside A Brooklyn McDonald
Matthew Webb Was Shot By Michael Morgan On August 1 2022 Outside A Brooklyn McDonald ( Source : Nypost )

Investigators have long suspected Morgan, who has been arrested 13 times before, of the homicide six blocks from the location where he is accused of opening fire on Matthew Webb on Monday.

Before placing Morgan under arrest for the murder, the prosecutor looked for additional proof. Investigation of the case is still ongoing, and the officers are expected to give news soon.

Michael Morgan's Case Update And Conviction

Just after 7 o'clock that night, Matthew Webb, a 23-year-old worker at the Bedford-Stuyvesant McDonald, and Morgan's mother allegedly got into an argument over food. He heard about the dispute via his mother.

He confronted the worker inside the restaurant and, later, the altercation eventually moved outside, where Morgan is said to have grabbed a revolver and shot Webb in the neck.

Paramedics took Webb in critical condition to Brookdale University Hospital. On August 3, Webb's death was classified as a homicide. Police arrested Morgan on August 2 for questioning. 

Later, she was charged with two charges of criminal weapon possession and attempted murder. It is unclear if his charges were changed due to Webb's passing.

The suspect's mother, Lisa Fulmore, told Morgan over FaceTime that she was having a disagreement with McDonald's staff members about the cold French fries on Monday, so Morgan and his girlfriend proceeded to the fast food restaurant. His girlfriend was also charged with criminal possession of a firearm the same day.