Kevon Looney Tattoo And Ink Meaning - Is It Devoted To Someone?

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Kevon Looney seems to be fond of Tattoos. Learn what what his tattoos mean.

Kevon Grant Looney is a professional basketball player in the National Basketball Association for the Golden State Warriors .

As an undersized center, he became a regular in the Warriors' rotation, helping them win their second straight title.

Kevon Looney Tattoo Meaning Explored - Is It Devoted To Wife and Family?

Looney has two tattoos, one on his chest and another on his calf. We don't think it is devoted to his wife or family.

Kevon has not shared any background about his tattoo. As far as we know the tattoo on his chest are wings of an angel and the one on his left calf is a tattoo of Egypt god Mut.

Based on his tattoos we guess he is a believer of god. Since he has yet to speak on it we cannot confirm it.

Talking about the tattoo in his calf, Mut is a mother goddess. In the ancient Egyptian language, her name meant "mother."

Mut had a variety of characteristics and characteristics that varied and evolved over the thousands of years of ancient Egyptian society.

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Who Is Kevon Looney Wife?

Kevon Looney does not have a wife but he is currently in a relationship with Mariah Simone.

Mariah is also a model and an athlete. Mariah Simone Winston earned a bachelor's degree in Business & Personal/ Financial Services Marketing Operations from California State University, Northridge in 2017.

Mariah was a member of the American Marketing Association and a basketball player at Holy Names University.

She is a fitness model on Instagram, a fitness instructor, and the proprietor of a fitness gear company. In 2016, she worked as a store associate at JC Penney.

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Kevon Looney Net worth Explored

Kevon Looney Net worth should be close to 6 million dollars.

The Golden State Warriors signed Kevon Looney to a three-year, $14,464,287 contract, with $14,464,287 guaranteed and a $4,821,429 annual average salary. Looney will earn $9,839,287 in 2022-23, with a cap hit of $9,839,287.

Golden State took him with the 30th overall pick in the first round. In 2017 and 2018, he led the Warriors to consecutive NBA championships.

After suffering hip surgery on both hips as a rookie with Golden State, Looney's playing time was limited. The next season, an injured left hip kept him out of the playoffs for the majority of their championship run.

In 2017–18, he was finally healthy, and as an undersized center, he became a mainstay in the Warriors' rotation, helping them win their second straight title.