Falcons WR: Khadarel Hodge Net Worth 2022 And Salary List

Khadarel Hodge Is An American Football Wide Receiver For The Atlanta Falcons Of The NFL ( Source : instagram )

Khadarel Hodge is an American football wide receiver whose net worth as of 2022 is $2 Million.

He is one of the well-earning athletes in the NFL who have made his name through earnest hard work and dedication. He had some setbacks after not being drafted in 2018, but still, he got to play with the Los Angeles Rams that season. He is a regular starter for the Atlanta Falcons and one of the league's most important players.

He has made his earnings primarily as an NFL player. He is in a contract with the Falcons for the 2022 season, and with that contract, he has bagged $1.03 million as a base salary. Besides, he earns a handsome amount of money via various endorsement deals.

Khadarel Hodge's Net Worth In 2022

Khadarel's net worth in 2022 is $2 million, which makes him one of the well-earning players in the league.

Despite going undrafted in the 2018 NFL draft, he has established himself as one of the best wide receivers in the game and has had a notable career. After getting the chance to work his magic in 2018 with the LA Rams club, his performance in the league drew some significant clubs eager to include him in their campaign.

During his first season, Hodge participated in 14 regular-season games, caught two passes for 17 yards, made five special teams tackles, and made one tackle in three postseason games, including Super Bowl LIII.

During his four years in NFL, he has played for three teams. Throughout these years, he hame amassed a total salary of $4 million while gaining an additional $115,000 as a signing bonus.

Khadarel Hodge Net Worth Is $2 Million In 2022
Khadarel Hodge Net Worth Is $2 Million In 2022 ( Source : instagram )

Despite being a professional football player, he is also a well-known fashion model. This alternate profession has also hugely contributed to adding figures to his net worth of $2 million. Hodge has posed for and appeared in several magazines. In exchange, he receives a respectable sum from these photo assignments.

If it weren't for his career as a football player, he could surely succeed as a model. Additionally, he could earn more money from modeling if he put in the necessary time and effort. He has increased the value of his assets through such a diverse source of income. He owns a personal luxury car, which he purchased on September 14, 2021, making it one of his first purchases of a premium item.

Additionally, he owns a large house that may cost millions of dollars. We can see KhaDarel's lavish lifestyle and extensive travels throughout the globe through his daily updates on social media posts and articles.

Khadarel Hodge's Salary As A Professional Athlete

The NFL wide receiver is not one of the highest-earning players in the league, but he can be listed as one of the well-paid players with an annual salary of $1.03 Million in 2022.

One of the most amazing facts is his career growth after coming as an undrafted player in 2018. His base yearly wage in 2018 was $480,000, but this was about to grow exponentially. The following year, it increased slightly to $570,000; in 2020, his base pay increased to $750,000.

During that period, he played for Los Angeles Rams and Cleveland Browns. KhaDarel, though, earns more money every year. As per reports, his this year's pay is $1.03 million and it is expected to increase next season as well.

Khadarel Hodge's Earns $1.07 Million While Playing For NFL Side, Atlanta Falcons
Khadarel Hodge's Earns $1.07 Million While Playing For NFL Side, Atlanta Falcons ( Source : instagram )

However, it is still unclear whether he will continue to play for the Falcons next season, as the official contracts guarantee his presence in the team until this year.

He began his career as an undrafted player and had since advanced. Young athletes find inspiration in his journey, and regardless of their career, many people look up to him and attempt to emulate him. He put all of his effort and strength into achieving his goal, which he eventually accomplished and is now thoroughly enjoying.

Khadarel Hodge's Other Sources Of Income

Khadarel is undoubtedly one of the busiest athletes in the league right now. He has other ventures that make him one of the most occupied players.

He started as a player and concurrently put his feet into other sectors like modeling and investment. While undrafted in 2018, he started preparing his portfolio for a modeling career. Finally, during that period, he confessed his desire to pursue a career in modeling.

KhaDarel possesses a personality that makes him look good in anything, including streetwear, formal attire, and casual attire. He can only devote some time to modeling because his earlier career decision was successful.

Khadarel Hodge Also Worked As A Professional Model Before Starting His Career As An NFL Player
Khadarel Hodge Also Worked As A Professional Model Before Starting His Career As An NFL Player ( Source : instagram )

He only occasionally appears in various magazines. In 2020, Hodge took some images for Krave Magazine. His Instagram galleries prove that he has claimed to be quite photogenic. He also appeared in some vivid colors for Krave Magazine's Spring Collection.

While being such a potent model, he is also a wise investor who has placed his money on various businesses producing cash for the NFL star. Apart from that, he also does several brand collaborations via his social media accounts.