5 Facts About Kieran Trippier Footballer Brother Kelvin Lomax

Kieran Trippier Brother Is Also A Professional Football Player
Kieran Trippier Brother Is Also A Professional Football Player( Source : skysports )

Kieran Trippier brother Kelvin Lomax is an English footballer who played for Rochdale and Chesterfield.

He is the youngest of four brothers, and as he was approaching his adolescence, his older brother Kelvin had made it to the Oldham Athletic first team in the previous Second Division. Kelvin would later go on to have a successful professional career that included stints at Rochdale, Chesterfield, and Shrewsbury Town in the Football League.

They were raised in Summerseat, Bury, and at the age of five, for Seafield FC, he began playing competitive football after developing his skills in the family garden with his brothers.

I spent every day playing with my childhood friends on the one large patch of grass that was available on the council estate where I grew up. We were just regular kids trying to have fun with our football.

Kieran Trippier Brother Kelvin Lomax Taught Him The Fundamental Of Football

Kieran Trippier benefitted from having older brother Kelvin Lomax growing up as he taught him to play football.

With only a few years between the four brothers, Kelvin was four years his senior and occasionally used his mother's maiden name of Lomax in his professional career. Growing up, Kelvin was a huge source of inspiration for Kieran. He often went to watch him practice and play because he wanted to be like him.

Kelvin also played for Hyde football team
Kelvin also played for Hyde football team ( Source : bbc )

As his brother was older than him, he was used to the fact that playing with younger people is easier because it is less physically demanding. This was true whether he was playing football or something else.

The brothers of Kieran Trippier have expressed their immense satisfaction in the Three Lions hero, stating that his rise from a Bury student to an England international was something that every child aspires to achieve.

Kelvin brother Kieran plays for Newcastle united.
Kelvin brother Kieran plays for Newcastle united. ( Source : instagram )

At Oldham Athletic, Lomax began his professional career, making his senior debut in May 2004. He played with Oldham for seven years, spending a few months on loan at various teams. Kieran used to come to watch him play for Oldham, where he made a total of 82 appearances.

Their father, Chris Trippier, was the first to encourage them to pursue a career in football while they were still children. Later, they began to look up to David Beckam and desired to emulate him on the field.

5 Facts About Kelvin Lomax

Kelvin has a  huge role in Kieran success as a football player
Kelvin has a huge role in Kieran success as a football player ( Source : taddlr )

1. Kelvin Has Been A Massive Influence On Kieran’s Career

Kieran’s meteoric rise is dedicated to his father and brother Kelvin as he learned the basics from them.

Lomax, a right-back like his younger brother, was an important family member because he was the first to achieve football prominence and set the stage for Kieran's career as he followed in his footsteps.

At his club, Trippier rose through the youth ranks. Trippier attended Woodhey High School, where his brother coached him during his spare time, and graduated in 2007. They trained in their house when he was playing for the club.

2. Kelvin Lomax Started His Career At Oldham Athletic

Oldham Athletic was where Kelvin Lomax began his professional career, making his senior debut in May 2004.

He appeared 82 times in all for Oldham. In 2007, he had his first loan period at Rochdale, where he appeared in 10 games. After coming back from the loan in January 2008, he played frequently for Oldham.

He fractured his tibia and fibula in a game against Brighton in October 2009, when he was just 22 years old, which had an impact on his career and kept him out of the game for a very long time.

3. Kieran Trippier Played With Kelvin During His Childhood

Because his brother played for Oldham when he was younger and taught him a lot, he only played alongside his brother.

Trippier added that Kelvin, who played in League One and League Two, was the one he looked up to and who he always remembered the methods and abilities his brother had taught him.

Every week, he used to visit Oldham to watch him train and play while kicking the ball against the wall. He simply regarded his brother as an example to follow because he was a professional.

The two brother used to practice with each other during their childhood.
The two brother used to practice with each other during their childhood. ( Source : instagram )

4. Kieran Trippier Brother Kelvin Owns A Pub

The brother of Kieran Trippier, Kelvin, runs the Garsdale Pub on Woodhill Street.

After going through a difficult time owing to the coronavirus outbreak, Kelvin Trippier believed that England's victory in this year's competition has been the ideal approach to assist restore some joy to the neighborhood. Trippier first became a co-owner of the Garsdale in March 2020.

The bar and its beer garden were full for England's semi-final match against Denmark on Wednesday, and according to Ms. Lomax, anticipation for tonight's game is even higher.

5. Kieran Tripper And Kelvin Idolize David Beckham

Kieran Tripper and Kelvin idolize David Beckam and always wanted to play like him.

While watching England play the international game, they would watch every move David did, copying them the following day during practice. They also made sure to have the same hairdo as him so they would appear just like him.