KOKH Fox 25: Who Is Mireya Garcia? Good Day Seattle Anchor Leaving Or Still On The Channel Details

Anchor Mireya Garcia Left KOKH Fox 25 In July 2022 ( Source : Facebook )

Mireya Garcia is a Good Day Seattle morning news anchor at Fox Corporation. She recently joined the media firm in July 2022, leaving her prior workplace, KOKH Fox 25, a Fox affiliate new station. She fulfilled the role of weekend anchor, consumer, and investigative reporter at KOKH Fox 25 in Oklahoma. 

Liz Dueweke, who has been working for Good Seattle since about a decade, headlined for showing Mireya Pike Place Market in Seattle. Mireya, who relocated from Oklahoma to Seattle, found the city's lush vegetation fascinating. She remarked how Liz's warmth and that of the other Seattle employees immediately put her at ease on the channel Fox 13. 

Who Is Mireya Garcia? 

Mireya Garcia is an anchor and news reporter. She completed her Bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism from The University of Texas at Austin in 2008. Furthermore, she holds a master's degree in communication from the University of Colorado Springs.

Mireya Garcia is presently a Good Day Seattle News Anchor At Fox Corporation
Mireya Garcia is presently a Good Day Seattle News Anchor At Fox Corporation ( Source : Yahoo )

Mireya started working as a correspondent for KORO Univision after completing her undergraduate degree. Leaving the firm in 2009, she joined Hola Tejas! as its host. Subsequently, Mireya got recruited by KRDO NewsChannel13 as an anchor and reporter in 2009; then, she moved to work as a freelance journalist at News Reporter in 2014. 

Mireya had been working for KOKH Fox 25 as a full-time weekend anchor, consumer, and investigative reporter for a long time. She had joined the company in 2014 and recently, in 2022, left to be a part of Fox Corporation as its morning news anchor for Good Day Seattle.

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Mireya Garcia Left KOKH Fox 25 In July 2022

Garcia is no longer a part of KOKH Fox 25, a firm she had been employed for about eight years. She left the media station on 8 July 2020.

The news reporter revealed the news of her leaving Fox 25 via her Twitter handle that goes by the username @mireya_g. On 7 July 2022, Mirey wrote on her Twitter wall that she was departing from Fox 25 and would miss Oklahoma and all the good times she had there. She also stated in the post, alluding to her new workplace Fox Corporation, that she is prepared for the next phase of her life in Seattle.

At KOKH Fox 25, Mireya was responsible for creating in-depth promotable stories emphasizing accountability and facts and demonstrating to the audience that she has their backs by providing practical personal finance advice. Mireya also had unique expertise in covering breaking news under pressure and chasing the weather. 

She also focused on creating digital content, which included using social media to direct viewers to the news station's website and creating, launching, and presenting the Coinage vlog to meet the evolving needs of contemporary news consumers.

Mireya Garcia Is A Good Day Seattle News Anchor At Fox Corporation

Leaving KOKH Fox 25, Garcia joined Good Day Seattle on Fox 13. She made her on-air debut on Goodday Seattle on 29 July 2022, where she answered rapid-fire questions.

On Good Day Seattle, Mireya will be anchoring 4:30 am to 6:00 am, followed by 9:00 am to 10:00 am morning slots. Her Twitter post seems she has already adjusted to her new workplace. 

Brian Flores, her coworker at Good day Seattle uploaded a welcome post in her name on his Twitter account that read "Welcoming the newest member of the Good Day Seattle team," to which she retweeted, "So nice! I should get you that weird wing sauce lip gloss as a gift. Chilli flavored, you said?". It looks like they already have inside jokes.

Furthermore, Mireya's other coworker at Good Day Seattle, Liz Dueweke, assisted her in familiarizing herself with Seattle. If you move over to Mireya's Twitter account, you can get updated on what she is up to daily.