Lee Anne Wong

Lee Anne Wong

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Lee Anne Wong is one of the famous chefs from the United States. Lee came to the hype when she reached the top four of the reality show, Top Chef. Anne is very focused on her career and wants to grow more and do more in her field.

Quick Facts:
Name Lee Anne Wong
Gender Female
Nationality American
Ethnicity American
Instagram @leeannewong
Twitter @leeannewong

After transferring from a fashion student to a chef there was no turning back for Ms. Lee. Lee is a second-generation Chinese American who was first not interested in cooking at all though she later became a chef.

10 Facts about Lee Anne Wong

  1. Lee is an American who was born in Troy, New York, USA. She spent her entire childhood there.
  2. She is popular for being in the top four of the reality show Top Chef of Bravo’s first season.
  3. Wong first began her education in fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology but she transferred at the French Culinary Institute to a cooking program.
  4. Reaching the top four of the first season of Top Chef she became the culinary producer for the show for the next four upcoming season.
  5. Along with being the culinary producer she also hosted the webcast where she shared the recipe of various winning dishes which was prepared by the contestants in the show.
  6. At The French Culinary Institute, she became Executive Chef of Event Operations and managed her position though she was participating in the Top Chef competition.
  7. In 2013 Wong moved to Hawai and she opened a brunch spot named Koko Head Cafe in 2014 and still continues her business.
  8. Joining Hawaiian Airlines culinary team in2015 she became the executive chef for the Hawaiian Airlines culinary team in 2018.
  9. Lee is seen sometimes active on various social media platforms including Instagram and
  10. Lee has a Wikipedia profile and she has more than 19.6 thousand followers on her Instagram and 15.3 thousand followers on her twitter.

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