Has Leva Bonaparte Had Lose Her Weight? Southern Charm Cast Journey Over Weight Loss And Transformation Details

Leva Bonaparte

Leva Bonaparte is an American model, actress, businesswoman, and reality television star. Her participation in the American reality television program Southern Charm made her most famous. Explore her weight loss journey below in this post.

In South Carolina, the US, she also owns and runs restaurants and nightclubs. On the eighth season of Southern Charm, she has returned to share her weight reduction struggle.

Southern Charm Cast 2022: Leva Bonaparte Weight Loss

Leva Bonaparte, the mother of Southern Charm, lost a substantial amount of weight in 2022 due to Covid and post-partum surgery.

Bonaparte described her experience with weight growth over the years and said, "My weight after [COVID-19] was at its highest ever in my life." She previously put on 70 pounds while carrying her son Lamar Jr.

The Charleston mom claimed that after making lifestyle changes and exercising, she was still left with certain "stubborn places" where she could not lose weight.

She then proceeded to see board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Clayton Crantford and underwent surgery. Leva did not specify her accomplishments, but the Persian beauty seemed proud of them anyway.

She spoke about her experience on social media when her followers began to ask questions about her unexpected weight loss. She talked about how much weight she had gained over the years, including the 70 pounds she gained while carrying her kid.

Leva Bonaparte Before And After Photos

After eliminating all carbs and engaging in aerobics for 40 minutes five days a week, Lava Bonaparte dropped close to 20 pounds. She decided to get surgery because she was not happy with the outcome.

She is back in Southern Charm season 8 with her trim and toned physique. Tonight marks the return of Bravo's Southern Charm after a 16-month break. The Charmers were last seen on television in February 2021.

The show's wild and woolly two-part Season 7 reunion aired on Bravo in February 2021. Unfortunately, the cast's renowned Southern manners and sense of propriety seemed to have been forgotten at CHS during this meeting.


Tonight is the Season 8 premiere. Leva recently joined Decider on a Zoom to discuss her unique approach to filming this season after she experienced some on- and off-screen turmoil in the previous season.

One of the first things I did this season was to remind myself, "I just want to have fun," because last season left me feeling so worn out and anxious. I wish to avoid physical conflict with anyone. She told Decider, "I don't think any of this is useful."

That's what I gave to my life and the performance. However, it's not always the case, you know. I get angry quickly. I am aware of that. I'm a despot.

I'm also aware of it. I have defects, maybe even serious ones. "But, indeed, they are my problems. However, I'm aware of it and can fix it.

Is Leva Bonaparte Married? Husband Details

Lamar Bonaparte and Leva Bonaparte have been together since April of 2013. (Distractify).

He studied at South Carolina State University while living in Charleston. He received a degree in accounting upon graduation. He has over 20 years of experience working in the hospitality sector.

Although Leva is very active on Instagram, there aren't many pictures of her husband to be seen there. Despite having a Facebook account, Lamar seems to be a relatively private person.

Lamar, a son, was the couple's firstborn, born on January 29, 2018. Unlike his father, the adorable child is a frequent visitor to Leva's Instagram account.

In addition to 26 Industries, a marketing and event management company, partners in the Republic Development and Management Group.

The Charleston area has renovated, upgraded, and altered nightclubs and restaurants. They also possess and manage several eateries.

A hybrid Mexican and sushi restaurant, Mesu opened its doors in September 2019. Their business partner for Mesu is Craig Conover, the star of the television show Southern Charm.

Leva and Lamar are also the owners of Bourbon N' Bubbles and Republic Garden & Lounge. King Street, one of Charleston's most recognizable and well-known streets, serves as its shop's location.

They also have plans to open the sports bar 1st Place Pub. A restaurant owner and the actor are said to have a $5 million net worth. She earns most of her money from her restaurant, with some help from Southern Charm.