Who Was Lina Medina Baby Father? Children Details Of The Youngest Mother, Where Is She Now?

Lina Medina was the youngest person to give birth in history. She gave birth when she was five.

In the early spring of 1939, a family living in a rural town in Peru saw that their daughter, who was five years old, had a visibly larger stomach. 

Tiburelo Medina and Victoria Losea took their daughter to a physician in Lima out of Ticrapo, where the family lived, since they were concerned that the swelling may be a tumor.

The news that the parents' daughter, Lina Medina, was seven months pregnant was a complete surprise to the medical professional. And on May 14, 1939, Medina had a baby boy who was in good health by Cesarean section. She gave birth at age five, seven months, and 21 days, making her the youngest mother in the planet's history.

For quite some time, Lina and her son thought they were siblings.
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Pediatricians were taken aback by Medina's condition, and she and her family did not seek the unwanted attention that her case garnered on a global scale. To this day, Medina has not disclosed the identity of the child's biological father to the appropriate authorities, and she and her family continue to shun the spotlight and avoid opportunities for candid interviews.

Even though the case of the world's youngest mother is still shrouded in enigma, new information has surfaced. These details shed some light on how Lina Medina became pregnant and who the possible father of her child may have been.

Is Lina Medina Alive?

Lina is alive and well now and can proudly say that she is 88 years old.

Lina Medina seemed to have had enough medical treatment, especially considering the period and location where she resided. As a result, she delivered a healthy son.

The baby was delivered through cesarean section. This was because Medina likely would have difficulty pushing a full-sized kid through the delivery canal. Therefore, it was safer to deliver the baby via cesarean section.


The kid that Lina Medina gave birth to was named Gerardo, after the physician who had initially examined Lina Medina. After being discharged from the hospital, the newborn traveled back to his family's hometown of Ticrapo.

Paul Koask, an expert in child education at Columbia University, requested and was permitted to visit the Medina family after the baby was born. Koask determined that the youngest person to give birth had an "above normal" IQ and that her kid was "absolutely normal." This individual gave birth at a very early age.

A lot of the time, Medina would rather play with her dolls than with her child. As for Gerardo Medina himself, throughout his childhood, he was under the impression that Medina was his elder sister. Around the age of 10, he was the one who uncovered the lie.

Even though Gerardo Medina enjoyed good health for most of his life, he regrettably passed away at 40 in 1979. The bone disease was the underlying cause of death.

She was able to put herself through college by getting a job as a secretary for the physician who had attended the birth of her child when she was a young adult. Around the same time, Lina could also fund Gerardo's education and see that he graduated.

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Who Is Lina Medina Baby Father? Children 

Lina gave birth to her first child when she was only five, which led to many questions about who the father was and how it happened.

After learning this information, the doctor contacted the authorities, promptly placing Lina's father under custody as the primary suspect. The police questioned Tiburelo for a week. Still, in the end, they were forced to let him go since they lacked sufficient proof to show that the kid's biological father had fathered the child. The second person under suspicion was Lina's cousin, who was said to have mental issues. These issues led the authorities to believe that he would be capable of committing such a horrifying act. However, the police could not prosecute him as the father of Lina's child because they lacked the necessary evidence.


Medical professionals later discovered that she suffered from a condition known as precocious puberty. This meant that her sexual organs would develop at a very young age. Precocious puberty is caused when the glands that secrete growth and sex hormones begin to function abnormally early in life, which results in the condition. The specific factors that led to the development of this illness are not yet known.

The child's name was inspired by Lina's doctor, who supported her during labor and delivery. The name is Gerardo Medina. The identity of the father is unknown up to this day. Thus the mystery continues. Lina was, without a doubt, just another defenseless young person who fell prey to sexual predators.

She ultimately wed a guy whose name was Raul Jurado in the early 1970s, and she had her second son while she was in her 30s. Her first son was named Raul Jr. 2002 saw Medina and Jurado still happily married and residing in the same impoverished section of Lima.

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Where Is Lina Medina Now?

Where Lina Medina is now is not known.

There is a good chance she still resides in Peru; nevertheless, one cannot state this with absolute certainty. Lina Medina's life continues to be kept secret, and it is best like this. Considering both her lifelong stance toward fame and the prying gaze of interested strangers towards the youngest person in recorded history to give birth, she has the right to remain anonymous.