Lindsey Horan Boyfriend Tyler Heaps Is A Soccer Coach Turned Head of Sporting Technology & Insights

Lindsey Horan and her boyfriend have been together for almost two years. ( Source : cloudfront )

Lindsey Horan's boyfriend, Tyler Heaps, is the head of sporting Technology and insights at AS Monaco.

Tyler was a soccer coach before he became interested in data analytics. Now, he focuses more on analyzing data from video and researching/innovating on the sport performance side.

Lindsey Horan is a professional soccer player from America, born on May 26, 1994, in Golden, Colorado, US.

She started to play soccer at an early age, and at 15, she became the youngest player by debuting on the United States U-17 women's national team. She is the winner of the 2019 World cup and had successfully set to heart the Olympics season in Tokyo.

Her boyfriend, Tyler Heaps, always appears for her games. Tyler and Lindsey have been dating for almost two years and enjoying their romantic relationship.

Lindsey Horan And Her Boyfriend Tyler Heaps Have Been Dating For Almost Two Years

Lindsey Horan and her boyfriend, Tyler Heaps, have been dating for almost two years. They have not yet married.

Lindsey Horan first posted a picture of her boyfriend on her Instagram, on March 1, 2021. Her fans approved of her relationship, with many sighing in relief that she finally had a boyfriend.

"Finally she has a boyfriend."

"So official and so cute. We approve."

With her being single for so long and never introducing her partner to her fans, many assumed she was not attracted to guys.

"I thought you were 'gay'. I was wrong. Sorry."

Her fans had initially thought her brother, Mike, was her boyfriend as she had posted a picture with the caption, "Merry Kissmas." 

Lindsey Horan went Instagram official with her relationship on March 1, 2021.
Lindsey Horan went Instagram official with her relationship on March 1, 2021. ( Source : wtfoot )

Currently, this couple resides in the native place of Horan, Colorado. They have been dating for almost two years.

She is not shy about sharing her trips with her boyfriend to her 292K Instagram followers. He has been her wedding date for over a year now. It may not be a while before she walks down the aisle.

Lindsey Horan's Boyfriend Tyler Heaps Offers Insights Into Sports Data

Tyler Heaps, the boyfriend of Lindsey Horan, is the Head of Sporting Technology and Insights.

Tyler Heaps was born on April 21, 1991, and celebrated his 31st birthday last April. He has been working as the head of Sporting Technology and Insights at AS Monaco since February 2021.

Tyler Heaps is a supportive boyfriend of Lindsey Horan and went to watch a match of his girlfriend.
Tyler Heaps is a supportive boyfriend of Lindsey Horan and went to watch a match of his girlfriend. ( Source : instagram )

Previously, he worked as Director of Sporting Analytics for the U.S. Soccer Federation for over five years. He resigned on February 2021.

His soccer journey started at Augsburg University, and he graduated with a degree in Mathematics/Computer Science. Tyler started his analytical career in human resources before working for U.S. Soccer in 2016.

He has much experience leading women's and men's national teams. Horan's boyfriend Tyler was part of the scouting and analytics staff and had a role in helping the USA to win seven games and the title at the FIFA Women's World Cup in France.

Before being immersed in data analytics, he had worked as a trainer and coach for Woodbury Soccer Club for three years and as an assistant soccer coach for Under-15.

Lindsey Horan And Tyler Heaps Age gap

Tyler Heaps and his girlfriend, Lindsey Horan, have an age gap of 3 years.

Lindsey Horan was born and raised in Golden, Colorado, on May 26, 1994, and is currently 28. Similarly, her boyfriend, Tyler Heaps, age 31, was born on April 21, 1991.

On Tyler Heaps's 30th birthday, Linsey Horan wished him by posting a picture on her social media with the caption, "Happy 30th Birthday Ty!! Missing all our adventures a little more today. Whether we’re biking (very confidently) all over Chicago, hopping boulders w/ M-Raw in CO, playing makeshift soccer tennis inside in PDX, or these above, everything with you is better. Can’t wait for more adventures with you/most likely beating you at everything since you’re so old now! I love you so much 😘"