Who Is Lisa Helou Husband Carl Helou? Meet The Father And Mother Of Gio Helou

Lisa Helou is a real estate agent.
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Lisa Helou is one of The Oppenheim Group realtors with a lot of sales and Customer Service knowledge.

A self-motivated and goal-oriented woman, Lisa is always striving to better herself and seeking growth in life, work & personal relationships. 

Helou, a California State University Los Angeles alma mater, got her license in 1976. Furthermore, the realtor sticks to her old-school approach & tactics and brings an invaluable and proven skill-set to her clients while emphasizing integrity and character.

Who Is Lisa Helou Husband, Carl Helou? 

Lisa Helou is happily married to her husband, Carl Helou, and they reside on the Balboa Peninsula; however, the couple hadn't revealed when they walked down the aisle and how long they had been together.

The realtor Lisa Helou is married to her husband Carl, who is a residential builder.
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Per her profile on The Oppenheim Group's official website, Carl is a residential builder, and the pair is a Balboa Peninsula Point Association member. Likewise, they can also get spotted riding bikes or cruising the bay in their Duffy boat in their free time.

However, the realtor hasn't posted any pictures with her significant other on her social networking sites nor wished her better half a happy anniversary, so we are unsure when they raise a toast to mark their special day.

Lisa Helou And Carl Helou Are Parents To Gio Helou

Lisa and Carl are the beloved parents of the realtor at The Oppenheim Group, Gio Helou, who specializes in high-end properties in prestigious beachfront enclaves.

Gio serves as a force in the OC luxury real estate world while bringing local expertise and an unmatched reputation to the team; he exclusively sells the best of the Newport Beach lifestyle.

 Lisa Helou and her son Gio Helou are both real estate agents at The Oppenheim Group.
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Before walking in his mother's footsteps and getting into the real estate game, the realtor worked in residential development and fed his passion for film as a producer on an award-winning documentary.

Furthermore, Helou is an alma mater of Pepperdine University, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts in Film Directing and Marketing; he was also a Curtis Birch, Inc. business manager and associate producer.

Lisa Helou And Carl Helou Age Gap

Lisa and her husband Carl's age gap has remained a mystery as none of their ages and date of birth are available. However, the pair might be 50-60 years old, considering their appearance and lifestyle.

The realtor has remained very professional and hasn't bragged about her private life on the internet; she has chosen not to expose her love affair in the spotlight, so only sketchy intel about them is accessible.

Although Helou has posted pictures with her children on her social networking sites, she hasn't made a single post about her partner; she has never wished her husband a happy birthday or shared moments from her birthday celebration.

Hopefully, the real estate agent will introduce her significant other to admirers and well-wishers through her social media; she goes by the username @lisa_cantagallo_helou and has accumulated 1.5k followers on the 28th of August 2022. 

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Lisa Helou And Gio Helou Net Worth Comparision

There might not be a massive difference in the earnings between Lisa and Gio as both serve as real-estate agents for The Oppenheim Group; the mother-son duo might have a net worth of $5 million to $10 million.

Both relators haven't shared how much they make through their profession. But as real estate agents, they seem to get a 3% commission from the cost of each listing or the house they sell. Thus, their ability to make a client purchase a home determines their paycheck.

Gio Helou is a bikeaholic, and he owns a beautiful Porsche in lava orange color.
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Furthermore, considering their lifestyles, the mother-son duo seems to be doing a decent job; they appear to make enough money to lead a happy, comfortable, and luxurious lifestyle. Moreover, Gio is a bikeaholic and owns Triumph Motorcycles and a Porsche.