Lonnie Ali was born as Yolanda Williams. She was the doting wife of legendary Muhammad Ali in their 30 years of marriage. Muhammad Ali’s wife is now a widower having lost her husband in 2016. Lonnie was born in 1957 which makes her 60 years of age currently. Lonnie went to Vanderbilt and got an undergraduate degree in psychology in 1978. She worked for a short time as a counselor for the State of Kentucky before moving to work with Kraft Foods in account sales.


Lonnie Ali Quick Facts

Born as: Yolanda Williams

Birth year: 1957

Mother: Marguerite Williams

Marital status: Widow

Spouse: Muhammad Ali

How Lonnie Ali met Muhammad Ali

In her youthful age, Lonnie was a hometown girl, full of life. Lonnie’s family had just moved to the Montclair Villa subdivision in Louisville, Verona Way right across from the place that Muhammad had bought for his parents. Lonnie’s mother, Marguerite Williams, began a friendship with Ali’s mother, and together they attended many Ali’s championship fights. Muhammad always visited her parents and made it a point to play with the neighborhood children. It was during such visits that Lonnie was introduced to Muhammad; at the time she was 6 years while Ali was 21 years.

Relationship and marriage to Muhammad Ali

At 17 years of age, Lonnie had a strong conviction that one day she’ll get married to Muhammad. As she was growing up over her adolescence, she saw Ali as a big brother to her but as time went by she developed feelings for him. Lonnie says in her lifetime Muhammad was the only man he loved. Even with the epiphany she had of getting married to Muhammad, she witnessed all Muhammad’s wives as they came to his life and children. Things started taking another turn as Muhammad invited Lonnie for lunch in 1982 and from there henceforth the two got into a relationship. Lonnie’s epiphany came to pass as she got married to the man of his dreams Muhammad on November 19, 1986, when Lonnie was 29 years and Muhammad 44 years in the private home of a former mayor of Louisville, Harvey Sloane. After they had gotten married, Muhammad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease which came as a shock for the newly wedded couple. Muhammad Ali’s wife took it upon herself to solely taking care of her husband.

Ali and his wife Williams have one child together

Muhammad and his wife Lonnie did not have a child together by birth rather they chose to adopt a five months old son whom they named Asaad Amin. Over the years Asaad grew admiring his father especially for the great advice he usually gave him. His father’s positive attitude even as he battled Parkinson’s encouraged him a lot as a young adult.

Muhammad Ali's wife speaks a lot about her husband’s legacy

Lonnie, Muhammad Ali’s wife never misses sharing with the world about how important her husband’s legacy is. During an interview, she said she would like to be remembered as a loyal wife who did her best to preserve her husband’s legacy.60-year-old Lonnie often says the legacy that her husband left is for the whole world and not just for her or the children. She believes that God sent Muhammad as a gift in life to the world and she would never want his legacy to be lost. Muhammad Ali was an inspiration to many people as he did all he can to change the lives of those who needed his help. He supported a lot of charities and support groups that his wife still handles to date. 



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