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What Is The Earnings And Net Worth Of Lord Von Schmitt? Tough Tie And His Shark Tank Update

Lord Von Schmitt is known for its colorful crochet work that is very popular amongst the LGBTQ+ community.

Because of the unique and alluring manner in which it was presented, Lord Von Schmitt will be difficult for anyone to forget who watches Shark Tank.

Schuyler Eller, the company's founder, and current CEO made the presentation. There is no ounce of doubt that Shark Tank has provided a fantastic platform to many kinds of aspiring business owners. Even when the Sharks cannot close a purchase, they still provide individuals with the opportunity to pitch their proposal, which typically boosts the sale.

Who Is Lord Von Schmitt?

Lord von Schmitt is known as the king of rainbow-colored crocheted clothing, which include undergarments, entire bodysuits, and parasols.

The creations can be seen all over the world. Schuyler Ellers founded the business to combine visually striking colors with textured fabrics such as crochet. He is, if you will, primarily responsible for making crochet cool again. Lord Von Schmitt's collection includes lingerie, shorts, coats, robes, onesies, and umbrellas. Even infant garments are knitted in more understated pastels.


After finishing his education, Ellers moved to Barcelona and began working as a costume designer for low-budget films. He designed the costumes for these films using items he found in thrift stores and other charitable organizations. After being trained by his housemates, Ellers rapidly became proficient in knitting and sewing.

His explorations of secondhand stores led him to discover Afghan rugs flowing with brilliant colors and intricate designs. Instead of considering them to be crocheted blankets, Ellers saw them as works of folk art that artists had created in the past. He made the most of the chance he was given by transforming them into sculptures that could be worn. 2010 was the year that witnessed the beginning of the birth of Lord Von Schmitt through these events.

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Lord Von Schmitt Net Worth 2022 After Shark Tank

According to biznewske, Lord Von Schmitt has an estimated value of one million dollars for his business.

The industry that the firm operates in is crochet. People may locate them online and place their orders with a simple mouse click. People may make an order for the product they desire with the provider by going to the provider's official website. They can deal with clothing, from undergarments to whole dresses. Thus, the scope of their business is extensive.

Lord Von Schmitt’s Net worth before appearing on Shark Tank 1 Million USD (business valuation)
Lord Von Schmitt’s Net worth [year between appearing and now]2021 800,000 USD
Lord Von Schmitt’s Current Net worth (2022)  1 Million USD

Additionally, you can find them on Instagram under the username @lordvonschmitt. They have more than 10,000 followers, and they frequently share pictures of their products being worn by models. It would appear that color is the central motif of their goods since all of their offerings are vivid and brilliant.

Tough Tie After Shark Tank

Since appearing on "Shark Tank," the company formerly known as "Tough Tie" has changed its name to "Tough Apparel."

It has been said that they are doing quite well with the business, and over the years, the firm's appraisal has also improved. According to the video blog posted on Shark Tank, as of March 2022, they had generated an annual income of $4 million, indicating that the firm appears to be doing quite well.


People may search for them on the internet and view their items there. Checking out their wares on their website is an option for customers. Since they first appeared on Shark Tank, they have broadened the range of things they sell. They have a one-of-a-kind business model that is bringing in millions.

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Lord Von Schmitt After Shark Tank

In episode 1123 of Shark Tank, Schuyler Ellers makes his way into the competition with Lord Von Schmitt. The outlandish attire of the latter is made from previously used Afghan rugs.

In his pitch for funding on "Shark Tank," Schuyler asked for $100,000 in exchange for a 10% interest in his company, which had an estimated $1 million. On the other hand, Lord Von Schmitt left the negotiating table without striking an agreement. Despite this, the company is still operational, and Schuyler continues to play an active role inside the organization. He has a home office in Nevada City, where he resides.