Luciana Barroso whose birth name is Luciana Bozan Barroso was born in 1976 in Salta, Argentina. Luciana is of Argentinean nationality and was brought up by her grandmother after her parents got divorced. Luciana’s mother was a housekeeper while her father worked as an agent for an insurance company. Luciana is an Argentina Air-Hostess, married to famous Hollywood actor Matt Damon. Luciana Barroso, Matt Damon's wife of 41 years of age had a passion for arts while growing up but later on, she changed to become an Air-Hostess. 

Luciana Barroso Quick Facts

Birth name: Luciana Bozan Barroso

Birth place: Salta, Argentina

Birth year: 1976

Age: 41 years

Profession: Air-Hostess

Married: Yes

Divorced: Yes (Arbello Barroso)

Married to: Matt Damon (m. 2005)

Children:  Isabella Damon, Gia Zavala Damon, Alexia Barroso, Stella Damon

Height: 5 feet 10 inches Here are some very interesting facts about Luciana Barroso

  1. Luciana was previously married before meeting Matt Damon

Luciana’s first marriage was to Arbello "Arby" Barroso, with whom they had a daughter named Alexia. Luciana and Arbello officially got divorced in December 2004. Despite the divorce, Arbello talks well of his ex-wife quoting that he has nothing but love for her because they shared great memories together. He says that reporters have been hunting him down to get a story from him but he insists that there is no story.

  1. Luciana met Damon in a bar

Luciana and Damon met in Miami, where Luciano was working as a bartender at a one popular night spot. During that time, Damon was in Miami filming the 2003 comedy movie titled ‘Stuck on You’. Two years later in 2005, the two got married in a private intimate civil ceremony. The newlyweds did not take time before starting a family of their own. Luciana Barroso, Matt Damon's wife have three children together and a fourth child from Luciana’s previous marriage.

  1. Luciana Barroso has a two-week rule with her husband Matt

A lot of celebrity couples have been caught up so much in their work to a point of neglecting their relationships. However, there are other couples who manage to stay together despite their busy and crazy work schedules and such couples are Luciana and Matt. What this wonderful couple does is create time for each other that’s why they came up with "a two-week rule," so as to spend quality time with each other. The rule states that they should not be away from each other for more than two weeks. Luciana Barroso, Matt Damon's wife says that spending time with the person you love is what binds you together. Matt, on the other hand, states that his wife is his soul mate and that he does not like being away from her for long.

  1. Luciana workouts at the gym with her husband

Luciana Barroso and her husband actor Matt Damon usually go to the gym together. Most of the time Matt and his wife are spotted leaving a private gym in West Hollywood. It is obvious that the two lovebirds cannot get enough of each other and that they want to do most of the things together as a loving couple.

  1. Luciana likes to keep a low profile

Even though Luciana Barroso, Matt Damon's wife is married to a Hollywood celebrity, she does not like being in the limelight. Over the years, Luciana has managed to keep it low in Hollywood; she does not like her family being dragged into the spotlight. Unlike many Hollywood wives who like to give interviews and share about their marriages, Luciana is the total opposite.