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Who Is Lucy Connor? What You Need To Know About Greg Rusedski Wife

Lucy Connor is married to tennis player, Greg Resedski.

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In the first episode, tennis star Greg Rusedski and Judy Murray, Andy Murray's mother, will search the United Kingdom for some of the country's most valuable antiques. Given that Greg will be appearing on our televisions in October, we thought it would be appropriate to investigate the life of the former tennis champion in 2019. Who does he call his wife, if anyone? What steps does he take next? Everything that you need to know is right here!

Lucy Connor - Greg Rusedski Wife Age Gap

Greg Rusedski, then a junior tennis player, met Lucy Connor, now 46 years old, in 1991. 

Lucy and Gerg have an age gap of three years. Lucy worked as a ball girl at the junior championships when she was 15. Greg was playing tennis at the time.


Lucy was born in the South London neighborhood of Purley. Since then, they have been a couple and tied the knot in December 1999. The pair exchanged their vows in the Douai Abbey Church, which is located close to Newbury in the county of Berkshire. Together with their two children, a girl born in 2006 and a son born in 2009, the couple continues to make their home in South London.

Lucy once worked as a National Health Service (NHS) therapist. In the year 2020, Greg and Lucy were thinking about starting a business that would be a combination of yoga and health retreats. They wanted to utilize their Grade II-listed West Sussex farmhouse near the village of Kirdford as a part-time health retreat for those who wanted to escape the chaos of city life.

While Lucy Rusedski was enjoying dinner in London, her handbag was taken from her while she was out. This incident also made the news.

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More On Greg Rusedski's Family

Rusedski, born in Montreal to an English mother and a father of Polish and Ukrainian origin, was considered a starlet in Canada throughout the 1980s. Her mother was English, while her father was of Polish and Ukrainian descent.


Although Rusedski said that his decision to represent Great Britain was due to 'lifestyle considerations,' it came as a surprise that his decision was somewhat divisive in his home country of Canada. Rusedski is the father of two children with his partner, Lucy Connor. He has a girl who was born in 2006 as well as a boy (born in 2009). In his interview with the Daily Express in 2015, Rusedski ranked his family and friends as the essential part of his life.

Greg Rusedski Net Worth

Although we do not know the exact Net Worth of Greg Rusedski, it is estimated to be around $6 million.

According to Wikipedia, he has made $8,944,841 in his career. But that is not the end of it. In addition to that, he makes money from various sponsorships, enterprises, and promotions.

Rusedski had a distinguished career, during which he was awarded 15 singles championships, three doubles titles, and a total of $8,944,841 in prize money from various tournaments. Rusedski has moved to the fourth position in the rankings (6 October 1997). Rusedski scored 62-53 in doubles play and has achieved a ranking of No. 63 (19 June 1995) in the doubles competition. He has won three doubles titles.

In addition, Rusedski competed in the Master's Cup, where he was unsuccessful (1997 ATP Tour World Championships – Singles. He also competed in the 1997 ATP Tour World Championships – Singles) and the Grand Slam Cup, where he was victorious (1999). In the Olympics, he finished in third place (Tennis at the 1996 Summer Olympics – Men's singles).

Comparing Greg Rusedski and Tim Henman during their respective careers will give us an idea of their earnings. The difference between Rusedski's and Tim Henman's net worths is significant. More than $20 million might be estimated to be Tim Henman's net worth.

Compared to other British tennis players, Rusedski comes out on top, with a net worth almost twice as high as that of Dan Evans and slightly higher than that of Jamie Murray.

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