Who Is Lydia From Timcast IRL? Sourpatchlyds Prisoner Comments Backlash On Reddit And Twitter

Lydia Smith uses @sourpatchlyds as her username on Twitter

Lydia Smith is an American producer, writer and director recently making headlines in the media because of her comment on prisoners.

Goes by the username @sourpatchlyds on Twitter; Smith is known for putting opinions on different topics happening in the surroundings.

She does host the podcast "Timcast IRL" on Amazon Music. The program invites visitors to the studio to discuss various subjects, including politics, culture, sports, business, and more.

Who Is Lydia From Timcast IRL? Wikipedia Facts

The producer of Timcast IRL, Lydia Smith, is a well-known writer, actress, and director from the United States.

She has worked on some interesting projects in her career so far. Some of her best and most popular credits are Timcast IRL obviously, Freedom Toons, Pop Culture Crisis and Cast Castle.

Begin her journey in 2020 as the hots, writer and producer for Timcast IRL, and Smith is able to reach cloud nine within a short amount of time. From its pilot episode to date, the show has 237 episodes, and she has raised some heavy topics there.

On the other hand, her second-best show in terms of popularity, "Pop Culture Crisis" is slowly attracting viewers and becoming their favorite show related to pop culture. The Youtube channel/show mainly focuses on controversies and fusses in the industry and discusses with guests on the show.

Lydia Smith is a producer of Timcast IRL
Lydia Smith is a producer of Timcast IRL( Source : twitter )

The show has covered news about Ezra Miller's future in DC films following his consecutive legal cases. The Flash actor has been arrested multiple times because of his violent conduct.

Similarly, the Pop Culture Crisis also picked up on the topic that brought havoc on the internet when Rolling stone posted that the Snyder cut movement was highly infiltrated by Twitter bots.

Sourpatchlyds Prisoner Comments Backlash On Reddit And Twitter

Lydia Smith always has something to say about any hot topic on social media. She often addresses and tries to cover as much as possible by stating her opinions on the subject matter via tweets.

And people sometimes get offended and do not fully comprehend with her thoughts, which is understandable given that everyone has a unique cognitive process and capacity for critical thinking.

More recently, she replied to a post about prisoners and wrote a harsh and inhuman comment about the prisoners, which did not sit quite well among social media users.

Not only on Reddit but also on Twitter, her statements get criticism. People demand an apology after being outraged by what she said about inmates. Nevertheless, her comment was taken off after some backlash.

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Lydia Smith Married Andy Leitermann from Timcast IRL

Sometimes, people find the right person in their workspace. The same thing happened to Lydia Smith as she saw her other half in the show she was co-producing.

She tied the wedding knot with Andy Leitermann on April 29, 2022. And an interesting fact is Andy is among the other co-producer working on the show Timcast IRL along with Pop Culture Crisis and Green Room. She and Andy worked together in all of those.

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