Who Is Maggie Freleng? 5 Facts You Need To Know About The Podcast Host

Maggie Freleng is a public radio producer based in New York City

New York City-based public radio producer Maggie Freleng focuses on mental illness, social challenges, criminal justice, gender, and sexuality. The radio host with striking physical attributes is a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and producer from New York.

Freleng served as a mentor and Next Generation Radio fellow for NPR and was the producer for Latino USA. She produces and runs different shows, including "Wrongful Conviction with Maggie Freleng," "Murder in Alliance," and "Unjust & Unsolved."

Maggie's shows and podcasts are fixated on wrongful judgment and crimes left unsolved. Read more into her life.

Who Is Maggie Freleng? Wikipedia And Bio

Maggie Freleng is the radio host and show producer who primarily works on the issues of incorrect convictions, gender, sexual issues, social challenges, and mental illness. Freleng is the host and producer of Suave, the 2022 recipient of the International Documentary Award, and Pulitzer Prize winner on PRX and Futuro studios.

Maggie Freleng does not have a Wikipedia page at this hour, but several social media pages and platforms cover her work. Talking about her current work, she has just released the new episodes of her popular show, Wrongful Conviction, with Maggie Freleng.

The podcast is about serious conversations between Maggie and the men/women who have served time in jail for crimes they did not commit. Maggie runs the show in her renowned and distinctive style, inviting other acclaimed guests as well.

In the latest episode that aired on August 18, 2022, and was underwritten by AIG, a leading global insurance company, Maggie converses with Amanda Knox, the infamous American journalist and activist. Together they discuss Tammy Poole's case.

In April 2007, Tammy Poole was found guilty of murdering her husband, Robert Michael Poole. She was charged with a convicted felony, family violence, and lying to the police. Tammy was forced to fit a story conjured by those in power, ultimately making her seem guilty for a crime she never did.

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Is Maggie Freleng Married? Details On Her Tattoos

There is no information regarding the married life of Maggie Freleng. Her social media accounts also do not introduce her husband or anyone with whom she is involved romantically.

The bold and outspoken lady has a body full of tattoos and carries it well. Born and raised in Long Island, New York, she has devoted her life to working for marginalized people.


Freleng has experience in the criminal justice, mental health, and social justice sectors. She formerly covered women's rights stories for Women's eNews and was a production assistant and blog reporter for Stop Street Harassment (SSH).

Maggie was selected as a fellow for the Ford Foundation's "50 Women Can Change the World in Journalism" program in 2019. The radio host has run several criminal and social justice-related documentaries on the VICE platform. In addition, she has hosted the Oxygen special- The Disappearance of Maura Murray.

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Maggie Freleng: Net Worth And Career

Maggie Freleng has not disclosed her net worth or earnings. She is deeply committed to her ideals that belong to helping other people.

The host, radio producer, and reporter, Freleng earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and Journalism from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2011. While attending the university, she was a part of UMass Daily Collegian, a student-run newspaper.


Maggie continued her education at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism of City University of New York, acquiring a Master of Arts in Journalism in 2015.

She most famously wrote on low-wage female employees in fast food and retail, just as the Fight for $15 was underway in Times Square. That's when a flame for social justice lit inside of her.

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