Who Is Malik Harris's Mother, Gaby Harris? Know More About The Artist's Family

Malik Harris' mother, Gaby Harris, is a wonderful woman who raised her son, supported him in doing what he loves, and is proud of how things have worked out now.

Malik is a German singer born and raised in Germany. He got into music from a very young age by doing covers of songs with his guitar.

Harris will present his homeland, Germany, in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 after the victory of the national final Germany 12 Points.

The finale of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 is set to take place on 14 May 2022, where artist Malik Harris will sing his song Rockstar in Finale.

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Who Is Malik Harris Mother Gaby Harris?

Malik Harris' mother, Gaby Harris, is a very hard-working woman who used to work three jobs at the time as there was nobody to help them.

With Gaby's relentless support, Harris is able to reach where he is right now. His mother inspired the artist's dream of becoming a musician and pursuing his dream. 

Gaby would always be like, "Do what makes you happy, fulfills you, gives you purpose, and does not give a damn what other people say."

Malik said sweet words to her mom on a video he uploaded on Mother's day. He highlights how everything he is today and what he does is because of his mom and her influence.

Gaby is proud of his son and thankful for how things have turned out at present.

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Are Malik Harris Parents Divorced? 

Malik Harris' parents are Gaby Harris and Ricky Harris. However, the information regarding Harris' parents' divorce is yet behind the curtains. 

It seems like the artist's parents might be divorced as Gaby states, "it was very hard for her to raise Malik on her own, and there was not much help" on the video Malik uploaded on mother's day.

Also, the star is seen posting pictures of his mother and Grandmother on his various social media platforms but not his father.

Nonetheless, the truth behind whether Harris' parents are divorced or not is still not known, as the musician has not made any comments on the matter.

According to Wikipedia, Malik's dad, Ricky, is a Germany-based American television presenter and an actor from Detroit.

Malik Harris-Meet Him On Instagram

Malik Harris is available on Instagram under the username @_malikharris_. So far, Malik has above 385 posts on his account with more than 27 thousand followers.

The musician posts various pictures of himself, whether selfies or while working. Malik has been writing songs for over a decade now.

Some of the star's famous songs are Rockstars, Like That Again, Time for Wonder, Bangin' on My Drum, and many more.