Who Is Manuel Robledo? Steven Sigala Pacoima Shooting And Alleged Involvement

Steven Sigala
Steven Sigala

Manuel Robledo is the suspect for his involvement in the shooting death of Steven Sigma. 

Renowned Youtuber Steven Sigala got shot to death on 19 August 2022. The incident occurred in Yucca Valley, on the 55400 block of Twentynine Palms Highway. 

The Morongo Basin Sheriff's station deputies responded to the incident at around 4:34 PM. They found the victim with multiple gunshot wounds right outside Smokin Guns Tattooz parking. 

The investigating team has recently found a new lead in the case and arrested the suspect, Manuel Robledo. Learn more about the shooting case while the followers mourn their beloved Youtuber. 

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Who Is Manuel Robledo? Steven Sigala Pacoima Shooting Suspect

Manuel Robledo is the suspect in the Steven Sigala Pacoima shooting and death case. The police officers; who were investigating the case caught him near the felony traffic shop. 

He is a resident from Riverside who got captured when the officers found him stolen red Dodge Durango from the San Bernardino area. 

The deputies are further looking into the case for a thorough investigation and believe in Manuel's involvement in the case. The victim, Steven, tragically died at the scene after multiple gunshot wounds. 

A well-known Youtuber's unexpected death has devastated his followers. His fans have started to bid him farewell while mourning him and giving him tributes. 

Meanwhile, more personal information on the suspect has not got released yet. The incident occurred in the parking lot of a tattoo shop. 

Although the officers have caught the suspect, further legal action on the case is yet to be done. 

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Manuel Robledo Alleged Involvement And Arrest News

Manuel Robledo got arrested for his alleged involvement in the shooting and death case. He is now under custody after his arrest. 

After the officers caught him without an incident, he is now booked for Central Detention Center and will remain there until his court appearance on 23 August. 

He got detained in prison with no bail after the department identified him as a suspect in Steven Sigala's death case. 

The officials found him when he drove the stolen vehicle, which got reported from San Bernardino. 

The police officers, the victim's family, and everyone who knows the Youtuber now await his trial and justice.

Meanwhile, the suspect remains in the detention center, counting the days for the court appearance.


What Is Manuel Robledo Age? 

Manuel Robledo is currently 33 years of age and hails from Riverside. His personal information, for now, remains concealed from the public. 

Hopefully, with his court appearance, there will be more information on the suspect. He will make his appearance on Tuesday this week. 

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Check Out Manuel Robledo Net Worth 

Manuel Robledo's net worth has not been made public, along with most of his personal information. However, the victim Steven Sigala, a famous Youtuber, might have pretty good earnings. 

Either way, Manuel's working life remains in the public interest for the moment.