Where Is Marcin Porczynski Now? Dan Cross Ex Wife Nicola Cross Murder In Grovehill Hemel

Marcin Porczynski
Marcin Porczynski

Nicola Cross, 37, was murdered in her home in September 2015. Marcin Porczynski, a stranger to her, stabbed her in her own home during a horrific night. 

Cross is the ex-wife of Daniel, aka Dan Cross, an IT specialist and the founder of the bereavement support charity StrongMen. 

Marcin Porczynski Charged With Killing Nicola Cross

Marcin Porczynski was a total stranger to Nicola Cross. He broke into Cross' home in Grovehill Hemel on September 14, 2015.

Porczynski grabbed a huge knife from the kitchen and climbed the stairs. He initially used a small knife before discarding it in favor of a bigger one. Then he went to the bedroom and knifed Cross more than ten times as she bravely tried to save her children.

Nicola Cross died after being critically wounded, while Porczynski did not physically harm her children.

During the attack, Dan Cross was away from his home for business purposes.

Nicola had called Dan after Porczynski smashed his way into the house in a psychotic state. Following this, Dan was able to hear some part of the horrific incident. He listened helplessly to the call as Nicola pleaded with the killer. A few minutes later, the telephone line fell silent.

After the incident, Porczynski was charged with manslaughter. The murderer claimed to have heard voices telling him to "rescue" the abused youngsters. In the end, it became clear that Porczynski had a disorder known as "schizophrenia."

Who Is Marcin Porczynski? 

Marcin Porczynski is a Polish car mechanic and killer of Nicola Cross. His nationality is Polish, and he lived a few streets away from Cross' home.

Porczynski was diagnosed with Schizophrenia, a mental condition in which people interpret reality abnormally. Due to the state, he suffered frequent hallucinations, delusions, and disordered thinking. Nevertheless, the symptoms of the disease can vary dramatically from person to person.

Porczynski broke into Nicola Cross's home after police had stopped and searched him
Porczynski broke into Nicola Cross's home after police had stopped and searched him( Source : bbc )

Three weeks before stabbing Nicola, Marcin had already exhibited unusual behavior. He had been discussing some made-up occurrences with his friends quite a bit.

After killing Nicola, Porczynski believed that he had saved the children who he thought were starving. 

Upon his arrest, traces of cocaine and cannabis were found in Marcin's blood. However, it bore no relation to the attack. 

Where Is Marcin Porczynski Now?

Marcin Porczynski was detained at a mental indefinitely. He had first denied the murder, but later, he was proven guilty of manslaughter.

Porczynski was convicted at the St Albans Crown Court by Judge Andrew Bright QC.

Bright said: 'Although Nicola tried to reason with you and heroically did her best to protect herself and her two young kids from you, she was completely defenceless against the vicious knife attack you then launched upon her.'

Dan Cross and wife Nicola.
Dan Cross and wife Nicola.( Source : bbc )

Meanwhile, the life of Dan Cross and his two children shattered after Nicola's death. He said in a statement that he had been married to his wife for 11 years and that their almost "sickeningly beautiful" life had been ruined.

Dan Cross detailed his horror in 2018 on SAS: Who Dares Wins on Channel 4. He is currently undergoing training with Victim Support to serve as a peer supporter for other families dealing with comparable circumstances.

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