Who Is Marcin Wojcik? All Details About The MMA Fighter

Marcin Wojcik is a Polish martial artist

Marcin Wójcik, known by the nickname of The Giant in the MMA (Mixed martial arts) ring, is a light heavyweight fighter from Poland. He was the Gladiator Arena lightweight heavyweight champion in 2019 and FEN champion in light heavyweight from 2020 to 2021. Besides MMA, he also fought for KSW(Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki, in English, Martial Arts Confrontation) and PLMMA.

The 32-year-old martial artist's last fight was on 12 March 2022 in FEN, and his upcoming match is scheduled for 13 August 2022 with Mick Stanton.

Who Is Marcin Wojcik? 

Marcin Wojcik is a Polish martial artist who is quite popular in the MMA, FEN, KSW, and PLMMA ring. He goes by the nickname The Giant on the ring.

The fighter debuted in MMA in 2007, and in 2013, he started playing in PLMMA. Similarly, Marcin ventured to the FEN ring in 2015 and became the 2020-2021 FEN champion in light heavyweight. Likewise, he was pronounced the Gladiator Arena lightweight heavyweight champion in 2019. His professional MMA record indicates 15 wins, eight losses, and 0 draws. 


Interestingly enough, Marcin won each of his debut bouts in MMA, PLMMA, and FEN ring. He defeated Grzegorz Szatkowski in his MMA debut match. Similar to how he defeated Artur Mroczek in his PLMMA debut, Krzysztof Pietraszek was his opponent in his FEN debut bout, which he also triumphed in.

Marcin Wojcik Is 32 Years Old

The Polish fighter was born on 2 September 1989; therefore, he is 32 as of 2022. His career length at the age of 32 is 14 years, two months, 26 days, and his most extended layoff amidst his professional martial arts career is three years, one month, and 28 days.


Marcin weighs 92 kg, plays in the light heavyweight class, and stands at 1.85 cm. He has fought more than 37 rounds in his career. Marcin's last match was with Paweł Hadaś on 12 March 2022 in the gameplay, FEN 39: LOTOS Fight Night which he won. His upcoming game is scheduled for 13 August 2022 with Mick Stanton. If he wins this game, he will add another victory to his current number of wins, 15.

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Marcin Wojcik Is A Married Man

Marcin is @marcin_wojcik_mma on Instagram with 7750 followers. On his Instagram post dated 23 September 2020, he posted a picture with his wife in wedding attire. Moreover, examining his Instagram profile, it seems he is also a father.


The light heavyweight fighter's wife's name is unknown. He hasn't tagged his wife in the picture he posted on his Instagram. It indicates that Marcin's wife is not on social media platforms. It could be for privacy reasons, but that is also an assumption. 

Alongside being a married man, it appears that Marcin has already entered parenthood. He is frequently seen posting pictures on his Instagram with a baby boy, who could be his son.