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Maria Taylor Parents Were Athletes, Father Steve Taylor Was In FBI

Maria Taylor on her commentary duties during the NBA finals on July 17, 2021
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Maria Taylor and her parents, Steve and Suzette Taylor, are as fanatic about sports as their daughter. Maria is the eldest child of the FBI agent and his wife, Suzette.

The natives of Alpharetta, Georgia, Steve and Suzette, raised three children who forged their careers in different fields. But with Maria choosing a career in the public spotlight, the Taylor family was bound to get attention.

The daughter of a former FBI agent, the NBC commentator, has never backed down from raising her voice against the wrongful act that takes place at work or any other establishment towards the African American community.

The courage to speak up for herself is something that she learned from her father and which also led to her high-profile exit from ESPN in 2021.

Maria Taylor Was Raised By Parents Steve And Suzette Taylor

Maria Taylor and her parents, Steve and Suzette Taylor, have long affirming relationship with sports. From NBA to NFL, there isn't a single game that the family misses.

From supporting her toward being an athlete to holding her hand as she walked down the aisle for the first time in 2019, Steve supported his daughter in her every step.

Maria Taylor's father Steve Taylor is honored as he retires as an FBI agent in 2015
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A former FBI agent, Steve Taylor served his nation for 27 years before retiring in 2015. Maria shared the news of his retirement on her Twitter handle. 

She shared a photo of her father giving a speech on his retirement day with her mother, Suzette, by his side. Currently, Steve works as the CEO of Five S Security, the company he joined right after his retirement. He also worked as a security manager at Grady Health System.

If there is one thing that Suzette Taylor regrets in her life, then that is missing out on traveling to Texas with his daughter. And no, it was not because she missed out on her daughter winning her an award or something.

A big fan of Matthew McConaughey, Maria hosted the game alongside him as Suzette watched from his TV screens. Nonetheless, in a video with Maria, the Oscar winner complimented Suzette on how she raised her daughter.

Suzette shares the same passion as her daughter for sports. She loves watching football and is also a big fan of horse riding. The mother-of-three Suzette is a huge supporter of the North Carolina basketball team, Tar Heel.

Maria Taylor Father Steve Taylor Was In FBI

Maria Taylor admires her father, Steve Taylor, for serving 27 years in FBI.

Steve Taylor, the father of Maria Taylor, always knew that his daughter would marry Rodney Blackstock. Though she did marry him, their marriage didn't last long.

When Maria tied the knot in 2019 with Rodney, a former basketball player, the one who cried the most was her father, Steve. Yes, the big man who probably has handled several high-profile cases as an FBI agent bawled his eyes out on his daughter's wedding.

Steve Taylor(middle) with David Pollack(right) at a Georgia game
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But the emotion only started to settle in as he took to the stage with his daughter when they danced to a Darius Rucker song. But this was all during his daughter's first wedding ceremony. The Taylors didn't share much detail during Maria's second wedding ceremony.

A country to this date that faces racial and antisemitic issues, it was not shocking to hear Maria's story on how her brother, Steve Taylor Jr, escaped racial profiling by police officers.

In 2020, Maria Taylor, on the NBA Countdown show with co-hosts Stephen A. Smith and Jalen Rose, shared the distressing situation surrounding her brother.

Maria Taylor in 2020 shared her brother's experience of being racially profiled by the cops on the show NBA Countdown
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A police officer falsely accused Taylor Jr of having drugs in his car and took him to jail. If it weren't for Steve being an FBI agent, things could've taken a dark turn for Maria and her family.

With her story, Maria wanted to shed light on how African-American men and women are still treated differently by law enforcement to date. Cases of wrongful treatment by police officers have emerged in the past, with one of the biggest cases being that of Breonna Taylor.