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Masked Arab Revealed His Face But Doesn't Look Like He Is 19, Here Is Why


Masked Arab is a popular Internet star. He is renowned for producing humorous content, particularly that which is video game-related.

He has also made his name in the Omegle, trolling racist people on the platform. His anonymity is something else that makes him even more interesting. The Youtuber appears by covering his face with the help of an Arab hijab scarf in most of his videos. 

Who Is Masked Arab On Omegle?

Masked Arab has a total of 1.95 subscribers on his Youtube channel. He kicked off his channel on the 11th of December.

The very first video of his was posted in March 2021. The clip titled "Arab ROASTS Racist people on Omegle" has 3.6 million views. Similarly, one of his most popular clips went viral in November 2021.  It is titled "LOCATION Airstrike on Racist People On Omegle". 

Besides, Youtube, he also lives streams by using his Twitch account which has a total of 87.7K followers at the time of writing. He has been digging out so many racists Fortnite players as well. 

The Youtuber is believed to be a real Emirati which means he hails from the United Arab Emirates. However, some netizens also think that he is a fake Arab guy, judging by the way he speaks Arabic. Few have assumed he is Indian since they think his tongue frequently makes Bengali sounds.

The highly popular Omegle sensation is also active on Instagram. His handle name @maskedarabb already has a total of 103 thousand followers.

Masked Arab Face Revealed Before Hitting 10 Million Subscribers

Many followers are already aware of Masked Arab's promise to reveal his identity once he reaches 10 million YouTube subscribers.

Until today many fans have only witnessed his half-face, particularly his dark hair and big eyes. 

However, there are pieces of evidence that the Youtuber has already leaked his photos on social media. In recent days, a picture that is thought to be of the Internet star has gone viral on Tiktok and Twitter. Therefore, internet users also think that the Youtuber resembles the man in the trending photographs.


Masked Arab Doesn't Look Like 19 Years Old 

Looking at some of the trending pictures of Masked Arabs on Titkok, netizens think that he is not 19 years old. 

If the viral images are accurate, Masked Arab's age will once again spark debate. Since Omegle has previously said that users under the age of 18 may only utilize the platform with parental consent.

As of right now, we are aware that MaskedArab was born on November 3. He is a Scorpio according to the zodiac.


Nonetheless, the 19-year-old is becoming well-known on a number of social networking sites. Additionally, there is a ton of merchandise bearing his name. He is reportedly earning between $200K to $400K USD as an entertainment blogger.