Who Is Mason Alexander Park From The Sandman? Gender Discussion Of Actor And Real Life Facts

Mason Alexander Park is an actor who identifies themselves as non-binary.

Alexander Park is an actor who hails from the United States and identifies with the pronouns they/them/their, as revealed from their Instagram. 

They accomplished an unquestionable theatrical quality and were awarded the Helen Hayes. On television, they played the role of Gren in Netflix's adaptation of the anime Cowboy Bebop. They will soon be seen in The Sandman, written by Neil Gaiman, as well as the return of Quantum Leap.

Their voice can be heard in the web series "LoveVille High," in which they play the role of Jendrix, a genderqueer high school student.

Additionally, their voice will be heard in the upcoming movies Before You Know It and Critical Role: The Legend of Vox Machina, both of which will be available on

The Sandman: Mason Alexander Park Man Or Woman

Mason Alexander Park identifies as genderqueer or non-binary, depending on the context.

They are, in point of fact, members of the transgender community. In addition, the actor requests that "they/them" be used whenever possible in conversations with them.

Additionally, it is known that Park is a transsexual woman. They assert that, because of their non-binary gender, they can perform the duties typically associated with either gender well. They can also devote the appropriate amount of attention to the gender roles associated with males and females. The performer claims that the experience allowed them to acclimate to the environment and discover who they were.


Taking to their Instagram, Park talked about their queerness. 

"For some reason, today feels like a good day to remind everyone that I'm a trans/non-binary queer person who is unapologetically obsessed with their remarkable queer partner who happens to be the best person on the planet. 

There is an immense amount of love for us, and I just wanted to put out a friendly reminder/example of the joy that can exist for LGBTQIA+ folx amidst all the other chaos we might face. International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia usually remind me of many of the darker things we might meet, so here's a little light. "

In yet another non-binary post made on International Non-Binary Day, the actor writes -

"Happy International Non-Binary Day you all. I'm a mixed bag of emotions when I think about being a visible non-binary individual at this moment in history… the joy and pride that comes from seeing gender nonconformity celebrated and honored in specific spaces… 

And the fear while watching vast parts of the world attempt to dehumanize and eradicate TGNC folx and their access to human rights… can get tricky and confusing. 

I encourage you to continue to educate yourself and do whatever you can to ensure you include trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people in your activism. We need you now more than ever. To my TGNC family… I love you deeply, and I hope that you know you are not alone."

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Mason Alexander Park Relationship 

In one of their posts, Mason Alexander Park reveals that he is in a happy and respectful relationship with their remarkable queer partner, Alice Kremelberg.

Alice is an artist who prefers the pronouns she and they. Additionally, Alice has been both on stage and television. Her performances in the films "Monsterland," "Murder in Spacetown," and "The Sinner" have brought her a great deal of notoriety. 


The couple is pretty vocal about their relationship and shares their life with the world on Instagram. Park and Kremelberg began their romantic journey during the Covid days, and they are going strong to date.

Park wrote that wishing their partner on their first anniversary, "A year of absolute chaos and shenanigans later… and you're still my favorite. Who knew a Covid romance could last this long? Thank you for changing my life and providing me with a much-needed torrent of unconditional love. Happy Anniversary angel."

The couple continues to shower us with lovely photographs of the two that make us swoon.

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