Matthew Berry Salary As NBC Analyst & Hefty Net Worth In 2022

Matthew Perry is one of the most beloved sports analysts.

Matthew J. Berry is a well-known authority on fantasy sports, columnist, and television personality.

Berry was born in Denver, Colorado, to parents Nancy and Leonard Berry. He entered this world in the United States of America on December 29, 1969. He is the only child that his parents have ever had. The family moved several times, residing in Richmond, Georgia; Atlanta, Virginia; Charlottesville, Virginia; and Charlottesville, Virginia, among other locations.

College Station, Texas, was his home from age 12 until he reached maturity, making it where he spent his formative years. Both of his parents are employed at Texas A&M University; his mother has previously held the city's mayor position, while his father is a professor at the university. Berry received a degree in electronic media from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University in 1992 after completing his studies there. Berry attended Syracuse University for his undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Screenwriting was where Berry cut his teeth in the entertainment business when he first started. He has collaborated with Eric Abrams on developing a few television pilots and feature screenplays for cinema and television. Berry worked as a writer for Rotoworld on the side. In 2004, he launched his own fantasy sports websites, naming them "TalentedMrRoto" and "Rotopass." He also contributed to Rotoworld's blog.

Matthew Berry Left ESPN For NBC Monday Night Analyst 

Before the start of the NFL season in 2022, ESPN plans to make significant changes to the fantasy football products and services it offers.

The most notable change is that owners of fantasy football teams will no longer be able to locate Matthew Berry's analysis on the website or any of the other digital channels offered by the network. According to Berry's announcement through Twitter, his 15-year tenure with ESPN has ended.

Matthew Berry had been associated with ESPN for a long time before finally leaving.
Matthew Berry had been associated with ESPN for a long time before finally leaving.( Source : Nypost )

The ESPN personality who has been the public face of fantasy football for many years has announced that he will depart the network at the end of this week. It is still unclear who will assist in replacing Berry at ESPN in the job that he previously had.

The network owns a large stable of fantasy authors, on which it has come to rely more over the past several years.

Matthew Perry has now joined NBC as a sports analyst.
Matthew Perry has now joined NBC as a sports analyst.( Source : Insidehook )

The network revealed that Berry would join NBC as its new fantasy commentator across all digital platforms. He made his debut on NBC during the "Football Night in America" coverage of the Hall of Fame Game, which saw the Jaguars and Raiders competing against one other. The game took place in Canton, Ohio.

Berry validated the information in a video post on his official Twitter account. NBC Sports already has a significant influence on fantasy football. By adding Berry, who got his start in the industry at Rotoworld, they will be able to have even more impact in the world of fantasy.

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Matthew Berry Salary In NBC & Hefty Net Worth In 2022

The current net worth of Matthew Berry is estimated to be over $1 million, which is speculated to rise now.

Matthew Berry has joined NBC, which is bound to increase his net worth by a hefty margin. As a Sports Analyst on NBC, Berry will draw a significant salary from the channel.

Net Worth History:

                 2022     $1,060,000
                 2021     $1,000,000

Salary History:

       YEAR                              SALARY
                         2021    $291,600
                         2020    $270,000

The typical yearly income for an NBC Sports Data Analyst is expected to be $71,841, which is comprised of an estimated base salary of $66,966 and a bonus of $4,875 for the employee.

As per Comparably, the annual salary of a Data Analyst at NBC Sports is $5,944 less than the average salary for a Data Analyst in the United States. The salary range for data analysts at NBC Sports can range from $45,000 to $95,000 annually.

As per ZipRecruiter, the median yearly income for a sports analyst in the United States is $60,936 as of July 30, 2022. Sports Analyst salaries vary from $40,500 to $75,000, with top earners making $104,000 yearly across the United States. ZipRecruiter has seen annual incomes as high as $120,500 and as low as $21,500 for the position of Sports Analyst.

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