Commonwealth Games 2022 Athlete Matthew Denny Wins Gold In Discus Throw, His Family Details Explained

Matthew Denny is an Australian Discus star.

Matthew Denny, the winner of a gold medal from the Commonwealth Games, is an Australian athlete specializing in the discus throw. 

After throwing 65.13 meters in the men's discus throw, he competed in the final of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and earned a spot there. He threw the javelin 67.02 meters, which was only 0.05 meters less than the bronze winner, Lukas Weißhaidinger of Austria. He came extremely close to winning a medal.

Matthew Denny In Commonwealth Games 2022

The men's discus competition was won by Matt Denny, who had an outstanding performance that destroyed his competition.

The Australian athlete was on fire from the first throw he took, and as he finished on a high note, he threw back-to-back personal bests.

Denny's best effort was 67.26 meters, which put him well ahead of England's silver medalist Lawrence Okoye, who threw 64.99 meters. Nobody else came close to Denny's distance.

After Denny's triumph, Okoye interrupted his interview with Channel 7's Jason Richardson by letting out a thunderous yell. He then told television viewers in Australia how much he adores the gold medalist. The interview became an instant classic as a result.

Who Are Matthew Denny's Parents?

Matthew asserts that his parents and siblings play a significant role in shaping his life and have been an incredible source of assistance and support.


Information has not been revealed about his family. Still, they seem to be his biggest support system, along with his fiancee. While competing at the Commonwealth Games, his fiancee Mia and his sister were at Alexander Stadium to witness the tournament. Still, his parents were forced to stay home in Australia due to his father's illness. His parents watched the event on television instead.

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Matthew Denny Wife

Matthew Denny is engaged to Mia Cunningham, who has been his long-term lover.

After being together for eleven years, Mia and Matthew finally took a step forward on December 1, 2021, when Matthew popped the question. Mia gave a positive response to the proposition.

The indestructible love and deep respect that the couple has for one another are demonstrated in several stunning photos that can be seen on Instagram. It is clear from Matthew's writings that his and Mia's wedding is one of the highlights of his life. Matthew has revealed in the post he uploaded on December 2021 that the two of them shall get married in the following year. We may be able to see them exchanging vows in December of this year.


Matthew is extremely romantic, and to showcase his love for Mia, he even wrote an engagement poem for her.

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Matthew Denny Net Worth After Commonwealth Games

Matthew Denny is said to have a net worth of $5 million.

Denny won a gold medal in the 2022 Commonwealth Games. Olympic gold medalists will each earn a bonus of $20,000 as part of a scheme called the Medal Incentive Funding program run by the Australian Olympic Committee. There are also other perks and incentives in store for the gold medalists.