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Mattia Polibio Height. Girlfriend Jenna, Age: How old tall is the Tik Tok Star?
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How many of you have heard of Mattia Polibio? If you are familiar with the names, Jacob Sartorius, Jayden Croes, and Zach King, then you must have heard of Polibio. And do you know what’s common among Polibio and all those others? Well, all of them are popular TikTok Stars.

In September 2016, Chinese company ByteDance launched the video-sharing app, TikTok. In just a span of fewer than three years, TikTok is one of the most used social apps in the world.

Many of us tune to the app these days, and on a regular basis, as well. After all, it’s a great remedy for boredom, isn’t it? Besides, just using TikTok for recreational stuff, some are enjoying a great deal of fortune from it, as well. Speak of which, we simply can’t look over this guy, Mattia Polibio.

Just at the age of 16 years, Polibio has created a mass-audience of over 2 million on his TikTok account.

If you wish to know more about the New Jersey-born TikTok star, just keep scrolling.

Mattia Polibio Height, Has he disclosed his Body Measurements?

Aged 16, Mattia Polibio is in his growing years. For someone of 16, he seems to have a tall frame. Looking at his Instagram pictures, the guy seems to be standing around 5 feet tall.

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stay gold, ponyboy.

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Apparently, he hasn’t disclosed his body measurements, though. The exact facts of his height, weight, and measurements are still not public.

Over a well built physical frame, he has a slim body structure.

He has a white complexion and has hazel colored eyes.

Mattia has black hair color and prefers to have them trimmed, most often.

In most of his Instagram pages, he is spotted in casual attire, T-shirt, pant, and jeans.

You can follow him on Instagram under @mattiapolibio.

Girlfriend Jenna, Mattia Polibio Love Life

Money and fame are often believed to attract a woman. Though, it doesn’t have to a mandatory one. Speaking about the 16-year old TikTok star, Mattia Polibio, he is an aspiring social media star as well as a collection some reasonable sum.

Meanwhile, how lucky has he been, when it comes to dating and affairs. Records have, Mattia is currently single.

Moreover, his social media life has vibes of a single life. Neither the guy is pictured with a female sharing some cozy moments on social pages, nor is linked to any other female web-stars or anyone from the entertainment industry.

Meanwhile, his female fan following is immense. After all, we have got to give him that, though.

Adding a bit to his love life, the TikToker is rumored of a relationship with a girl named Jenna. Apparently, the lady is still a ghost.

There isn’t a single photo of Mattia with Jenna. Moreover, it’s still not clear how Jenna looks like. This must have been a fan-proposed rumor on Mattia’s love life!

Age: How old tall is the Tik Tok Star?

Mattia Polibio is a 16 years old American TikTok star and social media personality. He was born on May 16, 2003, in New Jersey, the United States.

He began his social media career in late 2018, while he was just 15 years old. In fact, the oldest of his TikTok videos are from November 2018.