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Why Does Melissa Johns Has Only One Arm? Coronation Actress Was Born Without Right Forearm and Hand

Melissa Johns is a 31 years old British actress.

Melissa Johns is a 31 years old British actress and disability activist born in 1990 in the sleepy Herefordshire town of Ledbury, the United Kingdom, to working-class parents.

Johns attended East 15 Acting School and was one of the first actors at the school to win a Laurence Olivier Bursary with a disability. After graduation, she began working in tv, theatre, and radio.

The actress is famed for playing the role of Hannah Taylor in BBC One drama Life, Sadie in The Interceptor, Tilly in Sparks, Miss Scott in Grantchester, and Imogen Pascoe in Coronation Street; she has 13 credits on her IMDB profile.

Why Does Melissa Johns Have Only One Arm?

Melissa Johns doesn't have a right forearm and hand because she was born with it; the actress got blessed with only one side of a full hand and the other missing.

Although Johns is disabled, she hasn't let her disability become her inability and has embraced it, but she might have had a difficult time in her childhood with a missing right hand.

Furthermore, she has also fought bullying over her disability; one of the worst experiences was when her intimate pictures leaked on the internet. The comments about her disabled body ripped her heart apart, she felt mortified, scared, devastated, and terrified, but she held her tears and fought back.

The Reason Behind Melissa Johns's Missing Right Forearm and Hand

Melissa had her right forearm and hand since birth, and she didn't lose them in a terrific accident or other incidents; maybe she had some complications while she wasn't born, but her confidence and boldness are on point.

The gorgeous actress had shared that accepting her body while she was growing up was her biggest challenge, as people would comment that she would struggle to do things when she didn't. Furthermore, she felt insure during her late teens as her friends would wear little skimpy tops while she wore oversized jumpers to hide her body.

Melissa wearing the artificial arm for school drama.
Melissa wearing the artificial arm for school drama.( Source : instagram )

Moreover, Johns became the master of manipulation and hid an entire part of her body for around one and a half-decade until she was 26. The television personality also had artificial arms, but she was comfortable without them, and she has also disclosed that her disability has allowed her to encounter incredible people.

Did Melissa Johns Had Any Injury Or Accident 

As Melissa has a missing right forearm and hand, people might speculate that she has gone through an accident that cost her the loss. But that's not what happened, and she has not shared any information about getting into a tragic incident.

Furthermore, Johns has spoken out against body shaming and combat taboos relating to disability, sex, and body dysmorphia. Moreover, she is a disability activist who serves as the co-founder of TripleC and Disabled Actors Networking Community with Cherylee Houston. Likewise, the actress is also an ambassador for Invisiyouth charity and Models of Diversity.

Melissa Johns Health Condition And Disease: Is She Sick?

Johns is in good health and does not suffer any illness or life-threatening disease; despite being born with certain complications in her body, she was not diagnosed with autoimmune diseases.

Thus, the actress isn't sick or has any health issues and is pursuing an admirable career while receiving immense love and support from her family and loved ones, which may have been her biggest strength.

Melissa hasn't disclosed the medical facts behind the loss of her right hand and lower arm since birth, but her disability has never been a disadvantage while achieving her goals. She also jokingly shared that she could enjoy half-price manicures and afford to lose the other glove.

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