47 years old Meredith Lynn Scott is an American actress, producer, and director who famed for production and directing roles on the movies Designing Blind and Standing Fishes. Not much is known about this lady and here we look at some facts about this amazing lady. 

Quick facts about Meredith Lynn Scott

Full Name: Meredith Lynn Scott

Born: 8th March 1970

Age: 47 years

Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Ethnicity: Jewish

Profession: Actress, producer, and director

Movies: Designing Blind, Standing Fishes

Years Active: 1988-present

Net worth: Unknown

Marital Status: Not married

Children: None

  1. Meredith Lynn is Jewish

Despite the fact that she is of the American nationality and has been born and raised in the USA, Meredith Lynn still ascribes her religious views to the Jewish community of Middle East where her parents draw their ancestry from. Her religious view, however, have not been a stumbling block to her relationship with other people as she has been described as being very cooperative by her colleagues.

  1. Meredith Lynn is the best friend to Jennifer Aniston

Your network determines your net worth or so they say and in this reference, Meredith has been careful in considering her company. She has been known to be the long time best friend to American actress Jennifer Aniston who rose to fame after her roles on CSI LA. The two have been known to be supportive of each other in many endeavors in life and have been able to stick together as friends even at the direst of times.

  1. Meredith Lynn rewarded Jennifer Aniston

Meredith Lynn was part of the production crew that worked on CSI L.A in which her best friend Jennifer Aniston featured and as a way of motivating her friend to put on her best show, she offered to give Jennifer $100 for her first headshot in the series. It took Jennifer a couple of tries but eventually, she was able to nail down her target and aim straight for the head and thus pocketing the reward that had been offered to her by her friend Meredith. Quite a motivation she must have had, I wouldn’t fail to nail the target either if put in her shoes.

  1. Meredith Lynn is involved in several charity events

Meredith Lynn, aside from being passionate about the film industry, she also has a heart for charity and this has been proven to be true through her organizing of large-scale gathering pledges occasions for various organizations. Among the organizations that she has come out in public to support are The Sheenway School and Culture Centre, The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and The Strongheart Fellowship to mention but a few. 

  1. Meredith Lynn attended a prestigious school

Meredith Lynn is an alumnus of the prestigious and most respected art school in the whole of New York. She attended the High School of Performing Arts and it’s from there that her acting, production and directing skills got nurtured.

  1. Meredith Lynn is single

Meredith Lynn has not been known be married or in relationship whereof with anyone and her entire life and time has been dedicated entirely to her career as an actress and producer. She does not have any kids either.

  1. Meredith Lynn has been acting for 29 years

Meredith Lynn’s amazing career has been able to last almost three decades with it being just a year short of the 30-year mark. She ventured into the lights, camera, and action-life in the year 1988 and fast forward to 2017, she is still going strong.