Michael Agerter Murder Case Details, Where Is Suspect And Ex Girlfriend Kathryn Sinkevitch Now?

Ex Girlfriend Of late Michael Agerter. ( Source : Inmaricopa )

The 31 years old Michael Agerter got murdered on the 16th of December 2016, and the murderer was his ex-girlfriend; who would have imagined one has to lose his life to an ex-lover.

Michael was born to Leslie Agerter and Mark Agerter, and he got raised in Ohio with solid midwestern values, but he left the side of his parents too soon; maybe God had different plans for him. May his departed soul rest easy in paradise.

Video: Who Murdered Michael Agerter?

Michael Agerter was a 31 years old man who got shot to death on the 16th of December 2016 by his ex-girlfriend; his body was recovered in his Maricopa home garage.

The killer waited for a school bus to pass before running across the street to shoot Agerter and later drove away in a white van; the incident got recorded on a home surveillance camera.

The alleged shooter got arrested by US Marshals in Avondale thanks to the video and a witness. Moreover, Michael was on the phone with his sister when the tragic incident happened; she heard three shots through the phone and a pin drop silence the next moment. 

Who Is Kathryn Sinkevitch, The Murder Suspect? 

Sinkevitch is the ex-girlfriend of the victim who lost his life to a gunshot in 2016, and she was the prime suspect. The then 32-year-old woman faced a first-degree murder charge for killing Michael.

The pair were in a relationship till March 2016, and they were in a custody dispute over their infant child when the incident happened. Furthermore, the late victim also obtained an order of protection against Kathryn in April 2016.

Agerter also tried to gain custody of his dog after she allegedly broke into his home and stole the animal. Even though the defense attorney Bret Huggins attempted to prove her innocent by saying no witness provided direct evidence that could connect the suspect to the crime.

However, stealing the license plates in her car during the incident hinted something fishy was going on, and Kathryn also knew when Michael would return home as he had scheduled to take a paternity test. Later in 2019, she was sentenced to prison with no possible parole.

Where Is Michael Agerter's Ex-Girlfriend Today?

Michael's ex-girlfriend appears to be serving her time on the ASPC Perryville Lumley Unit in Goodyear, Arizona. The Tempe woman was convicted of first-degree murder and is now paying for her crime behind bars.

Kathryn got sentenced to spend the rest of her life in prison without the possibility of parole by Judge Kevin White of Pinal County Superior Court in 2019. Thus, she might have made friends and is living her life with the inmates.

However, no updates on how she is doing are available on the internet, and her family members haven't shared any details about her conditions with the media. Maybe she is trying to change for good, or she might still have the same mentality; we never know unless she speaks out for herself. 

What Happened To Kathryn Sinkevitch?

Kathryn got punched to spend the rest of her life in prison for taking the life of someone he once loved, and the couple even shared a kid; she reportedly shot Michael Agerter to death.

Sinkevitch and Agerter were on bad terms during the crime scene, and she was the prime suspect in the murder; after three years of the incident, a judge ruled her guilty of the crime. As she could not prove her innocence, the murderer received a lifetime of imprisonment.