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Michael Irvin Has 16 Siblings, 7 Brothers And 9 Sisters

Michael Irvin is a former footballer turned sports commentator.
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Sports commentator Michael Irvin has 17 siblings. Of his seven brothers and nine sisters, he is the 15th child of his parents.

Irvin was different from the rest of his siblings and was always a mamma boy. The brothers and sisters would compromise so much as they were financially sound while growing up.

The former football player had late-night snacks while his brothers and sisters were asleep, and the brothers would take the fan from their sister's room in the middle of the night. Although they had air conditioners, their parents didn't use them as ac was costly.

The commentator promised his father to take care of the family while he wasn't around, so he began giving his siblings an envelope with $1,000 after making his NFL debut in 1988 for the Dallas Cowboys. Michael has come a long way from playing with his brother to spending over a decade in NFL.

Michael Irvin Has Sixteen Siblings 

Michael Irvin has sixteen siblings. He was born as one of the seventeen children of Walter and Pearl Irvin in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

His six brothers are Willie Pearl Irvin, Willie James Irvin, Walter Irvin, Jr., Ray Anthony Irvin, and twins Vaughn Richard Irvin and Don Raymond Irvin.

Michael had nine sisters: Alice Jean Irvin, Sheila Marie Irvin, Janet Lynn Irvin, Rosalind Rene Irvin, Sharon Delores Irvin, Laverne Denise Irvin, Lisa Michelle Irvin, Patricia Ann Irvin, and Brenda Elaine Irvin.

At his 30th birthday party, Michael was detained by police for possessing 10.3 grams of cocaine and drugs. He was on probation for four years and paid a $10,000 fine.

Michael Irvin with his beloved mother Pearl Irvin who gave birth to 17 children.
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The former Cowboys wide receiver played football with his older brothers from a young age, and he has always been a talkative child, which has helped him greatly in his athletic and commentating career.

However, the Irvin clan didn't have a comfortable lifestyle as kids since they didn't have enough food and cool air in their house. Furthermore, the commentator would sneak to the kitchen after his brothers and sisters fell asleep to polish off a cereal box, and if the milk were missing, he would use tap water to soften the flakes.

Michael Irvin And His Brothers Grew Up Playing Football

Michael Irvin has seven brothers.

He went from playing football with his brothers to enrolling in one of the top collegiate football programs, the Miami Hurricanes, and played his professional career for the Dallas Cowboys.

Although the former footballer hasn't shared much about his siblings, he has openly talked about his late older brother Vaughn being a proud LGBTQ. Michael realized Vaughn belonged to the LGBTQ+ community when he was 12 in the late 1970s. 

He found his brother wearing women's outfits and remained supportive throughout his life. Likewise, he will support any athlete who wants to come out. However, the younger Irvin lost his life at 49 to stomach cancer in 2006. 

The commentator has also been vocal about marriage quality in the African-American community. He believes everyone has the right to live on their terms without seeking anyone's approval. 

Michael Irvin Shared A Strong Bond With His Father Walter Irvin

Michael had a hardworking and loving father, Walter Irvin, and the duo grew closer during the former footballer's junior year in high school.

His father and his mother, Pearl Irvin, parented seventeen kids.

Walter was a roofer in the hot Fort Lauderdale sun, and he did everything to make the end meets while also playing with his kids and spending time with the family. The elder Irvin would play marbles with his children even though he came home tired.

The sports commentator Michael Irvin fulfilled his father's wish to take good care of his family.
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It was his dad who encouraged and helped him to learn a tolerant form of Christianity. The roofer accepted his son, who came out and accepted his true identity. The younger Irvin drove his dad to the treatments, and they spent much time together while Walter had health issues.