Michigan Wolverines Coach Mel Pearson Wife and Family Facts, Coach Fired For Misconducts

University of Michigan head hockey coach Mel Pearson will not return for the 2022-23 season, the school announced on Friday. ( Source : Sportingnews )

A former college ice hockey player and the former head coach of the Michigan Wolverines men's ice hockey team, Melvin K. Pearson, was born on February 8, 1959.

Before serving as the team's assistant coach from 1982 to 1988, Pearson played for Michigan Tech from 1977 to 1981.

Before handling the team as head coach at Michigan Tech in 2011, he spent 23 years as Red Berenson's assistant coach and associate head coach at Michigan following the 1987–88 season.

Mel Pearson's Wife And Family

Susie Pearson, Mel Pearson's wife, is a former Atlanta tennis player.

The coach and his companion met in Edina, a Minnesota hockey town. They met as high school lovers in study hall at Edina East High School, which they both attended. Susie was a sophomore at the time, while Mel was a junior.

When they were barely teenagers, Mel and Susie realized they were falling in love. After high school, they remained in touch through committed long-distance relationships.

Before taking their marriage to the next level and getting married, Mel and his wife were engaged for a year. He also desired to secure a respectable position first before getting married.

Mel and Susie got married after Mel accepted a job offer as an assistant coach at Michigan Tech. The country club where Mel loved to play golf in Edin also hosted their reception.

Mel Pearson has been married to Susie, who was also his childhood sweetheart, for more than 30 years.
Mel Pearson has been married to Susie, who was also his childhood sweetheart, for more than 30 years. ( Source : Showbizcorner )

They have been together for around 35 years. They first met while they were teenagers, became engaged in college, and married a year later. Susie has always been the apple of Coach Mel's eye and is one of his strongest supporters.

She would keep him in line when he slipped up due to coaching or other factors.

Kim, Sarah, and Paul are Mel Pearson's three children with his wife.

The athlete's father, Mel, played hockey professionally in terms of his family. In truth, the Pearsons family had moved around a lot because of his dad's hectic sports work.

The Minnesota Fighting Saints of the World Hockey Association, based in Edina, were the team on which his father's final game was played.

Michigan Fired Hockey Coach Over Misconducts

According to the Detroit News, Mel Pearson had a salary of $400,000, which included a $350,000 base as the Michigan Hockey Coach.

But now that he has received word that he has been dismissed and is no longer in his lucrative position, he regrettably must say goodbye to his income.

Nevertheless, Mel's years of work in the coaching industry may have helped him build up sizeable net worth. According to web reports, he profited more than $1 million from the collection.

Before the 2021 NCAA tournament, Pearson is accused of "pressuring students to lie on their COVID-19 tracking forms," establishing a "toxic work environment" for female support personnel and retaliating against a former student-athlete for raising concerns about team culture.

Additionally, according to the petition, Bancroft was aware of sexual misbehavior by Dr. Robert Anderson, the dead team doctor for the Michigan football team.

Listen to Mel Pearson, the Michigan hockey coach, preview the weekend against Ohio State.
Listen to Mel Pearson, the Michigan hockey coach, preview the weekend against Ohio State. ( Source : Si )

Manuel stated in a Friday news release: "It has been decided that Mel Pearson will not return as our ice hockey coach. "This choice has been carefully considered for a while.

Before moving forward with our assessment in lockstep with campus leadership, we welcomed an independent third-party examination of the climate and culture of our program.

According to a damning assessment by the Washington, D.C.-based law firm WilmerHale, which the Free Press was able to get on Tuesday, Pearson misled investigators and failed to give them credible explanations for his actions.

Steve Shields, a former goalie for the University of Michigan and volunteer assistant, filed the complaint in October, alleging that Pearson fired him in punishment for revealing the allegations.

The report stated that, despite its conclusion that "(Pearson) has not engaged in retaliation against (Shields) as defined by the Policy," "The University should review, however, whether Respondent's conduct violates other University policies, including but not limited to Standard Practice Guide 601.90, Protection from Retaliation," and "The University should take appropriate action."

There are cultural concerns with the hockey program that need to be addressed.

Mel Pearson's Net worth in 2022 and salary

Mel Pearson is among the wealthiest ice hockey players and the most well-liked players in the sport.

Mel Pearson's net worth from Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider is about $1.5 million.

He received his earnings as compensation for coaching hockey, widely regarded as Canada's national hockey coach. He is dubbed as one of the greatest hockey coaches in history. 

Mel began coaching hockey in his early years after finishing his formal studies.