Mike and Susan Rattler| 10 Facts On Spencer Rattler Mother and Father

Oklahoma quarterback Spencer Rattler during his match in 2020.
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Mike and Susan Rattler are the parents of Spenser Rattler. He is a rising American quarterback who plays for the South Carolina Gamecocks.

Spencer Rattler has caught the attention of many in recent days. He appeared in QB1: Beyond The Lights on Netflix and was the quarterback of the highest ranking in the 2019 recruiting season. However, after singing for the South Carolina Gamecocks, he has spent more time on the bench than on the field.

Rattler had begun his career in Okhlama Sooners Football. However, he played in just three games in the 2019 season, allowing him to redshirt his first year of college.

Spencer has frequently attributed his success to his parents and family members. Get to know how his loved ones have played a prominent role in his athletic career.

Quick Table

Name Spencer Rattler
Birthday September 28, 2000
ParentsMike and Susan Rattler
GirlfriendYazmina Gonzalez
SiblingOlivia (sister)
Ethcity Mixed
Height 6 feet 1 inc
Weight80 Kgs
Education University Of Oklahama

Spencer Rattler Is A Native Of Arizona

Rattler was born on September 28th, 2000. His birthplace is Phoenix, Arizona.

The American quarterback attended Pinnacle High School, where he understood the sport of playing in many sports events. On his 18th birthday, he beat the Arizona high school passing record.

Spencer Rattler's family is of four members including him.
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During his final year at Pinnacle, Rattler also appeared in the Netflix sports documentary series QB1: Beyond the Lights. Unfortunately, he was later barred from participating for the remainder of the season after breaking a district code of conduct. 

Meet Spencer Rattler's Parents: Mike and Susan Rattler

Spencer Rattler greatly admires his parents, Mike and Susan Rattler. They have been spotted cheering for their son during his matches.

His parents are the most critical support system for his career as he looked to start his NFL career. 

The racial backgrounds of Spencer's parents are varied. His mother is of Caucasian ancestry, while his father is of African American ancestry. Although Spencer Rattler has frequently been mistaken for a person with albinism, he has a mixed ethnic heritage.

Spencer's parents are extremely proud of their son's football career. They are often seen during his games.
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Growing up as a child, Rattler has got to experience from two different roots. He is exceptionally proud of his African roots.

Spencer stated in an interview with Oklahoma University Insider that his sister and dad are his two primary sources of support.

His family stood behind him when he was benched while playing for Oklahoma during the season. They encouraged him to move to South Carolina as well. Rattler is very close to his family and has a unique link with them that he carries to his football games as encouragement

Spencer Rattler's Father, Mike, Is Of African Ethnicity

Rattler's father, Mike, is a proud American. However, his descendant is from African lands. 

Michael himself is a very sporty person. Besides being his son's number one fan, he also provides good tips to his children.

The father of Spencer Rattler has played baseball, basketball, and football in his college days. He has also served as a coach in different leagues.

Spencer Rattler posing for a photo with his dad.
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According to SportsKeeda, Mike has handled his son's National Image Likeness (NIL) interview plenty of times. He also works as the regional sales representative for Citizens Automobile and Recreation Finance.

As mentioned on his Linkedin profile, Mike went to the University of Arkansas for his higher education. 

Spencer Rattler's Mother- Who Is Susan Rattler? 

Spencer Rattler's mother, Susan Rattler, is of caucasian ethnicity race. She is around 50 years old and has been an ardent supporter of Spencer since his high school days.

Rattler with his mom during his first pro-contract signing.
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By profession, Rattler's mom has more than 30 years of experience in the teaching field. Thus, she could understand the nature of her two children properly. She raised her son to excel in both education and sports.

According to a LinkedIn on Susan's name and address, she is a second-grade teacher at Paradise Valley Unified School District.

Susan is a social butterfly with an active account on Twitter and Instagram. Her handle is @RattlerSue on Twitter, which has 399 followers.

He Has A Loving Sister Named Olivia

Spencer Rattler was raised alongside his beautiful sister, Olivia Rattler. He only has two years of age gap from his sister.

As mentioned in Olivia's IG bio, she is a sports person. She has played Division 1 beach volleyball at Missouri State University.

Spencer's sister, Olivia is a beach volleyball player
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According to the Press Reader, Olivia had begun playing volleyball at the age of six years. She started serving overhead when she was eight years old. Even though she is shorter than 5 feet 11 inches in height, she typically plays as an outside hitter.

Olivia has trained and played with RPM Sand, a popular beach volleyball program in Scottsdale.

On social media, Olivia goes by the handle @olivia_rattler. She has earned a total of 14.3 thousand followers on social media.

Is Spencer Rattler Albino? His Ethnicity Rumor Debunked

Spencer Rattler is often called a person with albinism due to his unique facial appearance. 

Many football fans are wondering whether Spencer Rattler has albinism as a result of the increased attention he is receiving due to his membership on the Sooners squad. The information has never been confirmed or rejected by Spencer online.

Rattler is rumored to be Albino due to his unique appearance.
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Nevertheless, his photos show that his body hair is naturally pigmented. Furthermore, looking at his social media, his mother and sister have identical hair colors and skin tones to the quarterback.

It is uncommon to have one or more albino children, yet albinism is genetic and can run in families. People with the condition can have very little or no melanin, which may impact their coloration and vision. People with albinism typically have pale or extremely light blonde hair, while some also have brown or ginger hair. How much melanin their body generates determines the specific color.

Nevertheless, it is tough to refer to Rattler as a person with albinism by just analyzing his photographs.

Who Is Spencer Rattler Dating?

Spencer Rattler is in a relationship with his beautiful girlfriend, Yazmina Gonzalez. He's been dating her since his high school days at Pinnacle High School.

His partner, Gonzalez, is also an athlete who plays volleyball. She was born in Peoria, Arizona, and has been a longtime member of the Livewire Volleyball club. As a senior at Pinnacle High School, she discovered her passion for the sport. She now competes for her country.

Spencer and his girlfreind, Yazmina Gonzalez going for their prom.
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Yazmina and Spencer, the couple, are both accomplished athletes as they were both named the Pinnacle Volleyball Player of the Month in September 2018.

At present, Gonzalez has a total of 23.1 thousand followers on her Instagram profile. She goes by the handle @yazmina.gonzalez. Nevertheless, the volleyball player doesn't publish photos of herself and Spencer and keeps her personal life private.

Spencer Rattler's Playing Career

Spencer Rattler's football career had started with a humble beginning. He was trained by notable athletes Tanner Mordecai and Jalen Hurt before signing with the Sooners, who helped Rattler's talent advance.

In each of Oklahoma's last two games versus Texas, Rattler has been on the bench. He got the starter position back in 2020, but Caleb Williams kept it in 2021. Even after Lincoln Riley had left the Sooners for USC, he ultimately transferred to South Carolina.

Rattler trying to throw during his team's game against West Virgina Mountainers.
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In Oklahoma's last two games versus Texas, Rattler was still benched. He got the starter position back in 2020, but Caleb Williams kept it in 2021. Even after Lincoln Riley had left the Sooners for USC, he ultimately transferred to South Carolina.

More recently, Spencer was benched during the fourth game versus Texas in the 2021 season. Caleb Williams replaced Rattler. Although the specifics of his suspension were not made public, Spencer claims he had made a stupid error. However, rumor has it that the incident involved drug or alcohol violations.

Speaking of his football achievements, Spencer is a two-time Big 12 Champion. He was also named 2020's Big 12 Championship Most Valuable Player.

Spencer Rattler's Salary & Net Worth

Spencer Rattler's estimated net worth is around USD 1 million. So while Soonerswise says he is worth $769,300 in potential yearly NLI earnings.

Similarly, Rattler's Instagram post value is $7,492, far higher than his $461 value for Twitter postings. You've probably already seen sponsored tweets and posts on Instagram from several companies. The sportsman also earned a good amount of cash from appearing in the QB1: Beyond The Lights on Netflix.

Rattler's earnings has increased in the recent years.
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Speaking of his core recognition, he was named the top quarterback prospect in Arizona for the 2019 class by and was ranked ninth overall in the country.