Mir Afsar Ali Death Hoax On Twitter, What Happened To Radio Jockey?

Mir Afsar Ali ( Source : Timesofindia )

Mir Afsar Ali, the Indian radio host, television anchor, and actor has hosted several programs on radio, Mirakkel and Hi Kolkata being his best-credited work.

Along with being a brilliant host, he is also a musician and comedian. Additionally, he provides voiceovers for Radio Mirchi's Sunday Suspense, a program that reads suspenseful stories.

The recent news hoax regarding his death was circulated around social media which brought the attention of many along with getting worried. Thankfully, it was just a hoax.

Mir Afsar Ali: Radio Jockey Age And Wikipedia

Born on February 13, 1975, Mir is currently 47 years old. He was born in Azimganj, Murshidabad, West Bengal, India, which is also the hometown of the Radio presenter.

Graduated from the University of Calcutta, Mir also has worked on a television show (Khaash Khobor) and a film (The Bong Connection) which were his on-screen debut projects.

Mir Afsar Ali on his OTT debut
Mir Afsar Ali on his OTT debut ( Source : Timesofindia )

Mir got married on May 16, 1997, to a doctor, Soma Bhattacharjee. The couple together has a daughter named Muskan. Moreover, Ali is the recipient of several accolades such as the Kalakar Award.

While the sources vary, his net worth is reported to be somewhere between 1-5 million USD. Also, the recent news about his death or any illness is completely false and turned out to be a death hoax, a common thing celebrities go through.

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Mir Afsar Ali: Why Is He Leaving?

There is an uproar among the listeners when it was announced that Mir was departing Mirchi. While he promised to come back after a brief vacation, there was already a sad environment as his fans were not going to hear him deliver programs.

Mir Afsar Ali has steadily established himself as a dominant force on the big screen as well after appearing on radio, stage, and small screen. Since his early years, he has built his reputation by conquering numerous challenges.

As the hard work pays off, he has a distinct fan following and crazy audiences. Today, on Friday morning, he announced in a media post stating he is going to quit Mirchi. As a result, there are a ton of inquiries and angry responses from fans in the comment section.

He further uploaded an old photo of himself to the Internet which happened to be his first day in Akashvani. The caption read: "From 8 August 1994 to 30 June 2022. FM Times. Love, greetings to everyone who listens to me. But I left Mirchi. Not the radio. Having trouble… a little. Like that 98.3%. The next part of the story is after the break."

Mir has spent 26 years actively working in radio and the image of him taken on Akashvani's first day made every fan of him emotional. They left him messages like "Wherever you go, stay on the radio. We are always ready to listen."

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