Who Is Monia Chokri Partner? Details About Her Conjointe And Family

Monia Chokri's partner is a trending topic as people wonder if the actress has the love of her life.

Monia Chokri is a Canadian actress and film director better known for Babysitter, Fragile, and so on.

Since making her acting debut back in 2007, Chokri has more than 35 different acting credits to her name as reported by IMDb.

Monia directed the movie Babysitter and it is also gaining attention in 2022 as she continues growing in fame and popularity.

As many people are getting familiar with the actress, they are curious to know more about her personal life details.

In the meantime, questions have arisen if the Canadian actress has a conjointe and is married or not.

Monia Chokri Conjointe: Is She Married?

While Monia Chokri is thought to have a conjointe, she is yet to get married.

The subject of her love life has always been a massive talking point among the audience and many think that the actress is in love with someone familiar.

Several reports online also mention that the actress has a love partner but they fail to reveal his name.

Likewise, Chokri has shared occasional pictures with a few men on her Instagram but she has not given any hint about a possible life partner.

Thus, it is thought that Monia is not married and is yet to find the love of her life.

She might have dated a few ones in the past but the woman seems to be single at the moment.

How Old Is Monia Chokri?

Monia Chokri's age is 38 years old.

Born on June 27, 1983, in Quebec City, Canada, she was interested in the entertainment industry from an early age.

She kickstarted her career in the acting industry as soon as she completed her academics from Montreal's Conservatory of Dramatic Arts.

Eventually, Monia landed her first big on-screen role and then began the continuous flow of other projects and roles.

Monia Chokri Wikipedia

Monia Chokri does have a Wikipedia bio page but it is quite brief.

Her current wiki page mentions a few clues of her early life and parents as it contains a little description of her career.

It talks of her major career points and fails to describe the achievements in detail.

So, it may take her a few more successful efforts and works to get fully recognized by the media.

You can get details on her from other sites on the internet though.

Monia Chokri Family

Talking about Monia Chokri's family, her mother is Scottish whereas her father is of Tunisian descent.

Chokri's mom comes from Scandinavian ancestors whereas his dad has Tunisian Berber roots.

Despite knowing this, their identities are still hidden from public exposure.

Monia is pretty considerate of her personal life matters and rarely shares any information about related matters.

Thus, information on her family life is a matter left to be explored.