'Most of the people make shoe contact before making eye contact.' Though, shoes come as secondary items in our shopping list after fashionable dresses and cosmetics. But although of that consideration, they gulp large space at our wardrobe. From our childhood, we are craving for stylish shoes since hearing the story of Cinderella. There are million dollars worth shoes that might be out of our imagination, but this planet has got multiple surprises for us. There are mere folks who consider the words of Brian Koslow, “Always wear expensive shoes. People notice.” But here, we have listed some expensive shoes around the world that will absolutely take your breath with its price and pride.

Hey, you good, no? Relax, we are just showing you how the most expensive shoes on this planet look like. But now you will not regret over that shoes which you bought last week for $1,000 dollar.

English designer Debbie Wingham is known for making a most expensive gown in the world with price $15.45 million. And now, she has designed fancy footwear with the eye-watering price of $15.1 million. The shoe is made of rare pink as well as blue diamonds that results in the astonishing price. Those precious gems are placed in platinum while the zipper and plaque are made of pure gold.

And there is used leather for stilettos which are painted with gold.Both shoes have leather made Arabian Jasmin flowers and most surprising thing is they are stitched with gold thread. Wingham was asked to make those shoes for gifting it on someone’s birthday. Lucky is that birthday girl!